Equipping leaders and experts across the university to serve as advocates for a strong brand.

Formalize the Role of Brand Ambassadors

Leverage brand insiders who have been involved in the process and elevate their expertise and understanding so they are empowered to guide and support fellow marketers and communicators.

  • Promote brand ambassadors on the brand site with contact information.
  • Identify ambassadors during training sessions so they are seen as trusted, accessible experts across the university, alleviating the strain on University Relations and Marketing.
  • Promote brand ambassadors within colleges and across the broader OSU community.

Collaborative Open Labs

Hold “Office Hours” with URM and Brand Ambassadors where people across the campus can troubleshoot specific questions or challenges in using the brand. These sessions provide an opportunity for peer brainstorming and sharing best practices.

  • Hosted by University Relations and Marketing, occurring monthly.