Building brand loyalty and awareness among new Oregon State employees through training and orientation. 

Marketing and Communicators Sessions

All new marketing and communications experts will receive a deep-dive introduction to the brand guidelines, usage and resources.

  • Frequency for these sessions will be determined based on demand.
  • Sessions will provide a deep-dive into the brand, including messaging, the use of the creative platform Out There, logo guidelines and additional resources available through URM. There will be tailored content based on expertise and role (e.g., writers, designers, photographers).

Non-Communicator Sessions

All new non-marketing employees are introduced to the brand with a brand platform video during orientation to understand and appreciate the story.

  • Provide a high-level overview and the inspiration behind the brand to build excitement and reinforce its impact far beyond the campus.
  • Reinforce the opportunity for everyone to serve as brand ambassadors.

Brand Info Sheet

High-level overview integrated into new hire orientation materials to facilitate a commitment to the university’s brand. Created and distributed in collaboration with Human Resources.

  • Single page information sheet that provides key brand terminology, messaging and expectations.
  • Directs participants to additional online resources, downloadable templates and ambassador contacts.