Establishing ongoing opportunities to share ideas, collaborate across teams and refresh communicators' memories regarding the brand.

Structured Training Sessions

Implement ongoing training for communications and marketing staff.

  • Invite feedback or questions in advance to create content of greatest relevance and address specific challenges.

Discussion Groups or Social Tool

Informal, shared forum for continual communication and collaboration to reinforce fresh and creative thinking.

  • Groups will be organized by specialty areas or focus (e.g., writing, voice, photography, design, digital).
  • Recommended platform: Slack

Annual Communicators Conference or Symposium

An inspirational event bringing together all marketers and communicators throughout the university as an opportunity to share successes and the vision for the future of the brand.

  • Feature an outside brand or marketing expert for a fresh perspective and new thinking.
  • Recognize marketing leaders across the university and standout marketing efforts from the year with awards (e.g., best-of efforts, best stewards of the brand).

Brand Strategy Mini-Grant Match

Proposals to earn mini-grant awards for branding and marketing proposals by colleges or units may be submitted to URM. Each proposal would be judged by specific criteria, and the selected colleges and units would have the ability to undertake the initiative with financial support.

  • Promotion of priority initiatives and a particular emphasis (research, branding, admissions).