Incorporating simple, effective and easy-to-manage tools to support brand efforts.

Brand Asset Management System

This system will centralize all brand assets and provide a clear process for management. The system helps to align and educate internal teams, allows collaboration around content and ensures consistency of the brand, making it easy to manage brand content.

  • There is a central location to access visual assets alongside brand guidelines. Assets include, but are not limited to:

    • Logos and lockups
    • Graphic elements
    • Templates
    • Personality
    • Sub-branding
    • Public and alumni opinion research
    • Messaging
  • Each entity across the university is granted access to a collection of assets that is specifically curated for them (e.g., College of Engineering, College of Forestry, Office of Admissions).
  • Communicators can use downloadable templates for print collateral and digital marketing efforts to make the creation of simple, consistent, on-brand communications easier.

  • Photography will be gathered separately from other visual assets and housed within its own management system. Access will be provided to Master Brand photography for any entity, while also allowing those entities to curate and maintain their own photography libraries as images are collected.

    • WebDAM services include: Flight by Canto, Intelligence Bank, Celum,, SmugMug and Flickr Pro.

Master Creative Brief

Project requests should be accompanied by a completed brief to ensure that every communication adheres to the brand elements and focuses on the right audiences, objectives and strategy.

  • Key consideration on messaging, voice, audience and delivery method
  • Deadlines and key considerations, and a mutual responsibility from the creative team and the requesting entity
  • Categories outlined in the brand guidelines, demonstrating how to bring it all together

Brand Guidelines Reference: Approach for Communications

Six-step process for the creation of communications, taking all aspects of the brand foundation into consideration and helping guide on-brand decisions.

  • Process included in brand guidelines for consistent reference

Finalization Brand Checklist

Simple, direct checklist to complete immediately before a piece is sent to print or posted online. Specific criteria will be listed that each project needs to meet. The list serves as a final filter for work and a reference to promote brand consistency.

  • Used for peer evaluation to provide a final check on the piece

Materials Audit

Review of all marketing and communications created throughout the year, with unit-specific sessions to talk about challenges and troubleshoot approaches for future work.

  • Ideally conducted on an annual basis, facilitated by URM