In many instances, social media is the front door to accessing and learning more about the university. It is a tool to tell Oregon State’s story to multiple audiences and demographics. We have developed a system that will bring visual consistency and credibility to our brand and yours on social media.


Avatars and Profile Pictures

(NOTE: Currently, this system is still fluid. As we move through the process of distributing avatars, we will need to adjust any decisions for profile picture color based on need.)

Four avatars will be used across all official Oregon State affiliated social media platforms. After reading the policy and usage details below, you can download your corresponding avatar here. If you are unsure which avatar you should us, please contact our social team (


Examples of who will use which version are below. If you are not sure what category your page falls under, please reach out to




Cover Photos

This is where your page’s identity shines. Choose or capture an image that best represents your entity according to our brand’s photo style. Make sure it’s in a landscape configuration and is cropped to the dimensions of the image space in the social platform you are using. You can use this handy document to help you find proper dimensions.

Account Names

It is important for OSU-affiliated social accounts to be consistently named. This makes it easier for the user to spot the difference between official and unofficial Oregon State accounts. All accounts should adopt this formatting:

Longform (Facebook)

[College/Department/Group] - Oregon State University


College of Public Health and Human Sciences - Oregon State University

College of Forestry - Oregon State University

Student Health Services - Oregon State University

School of Public Policy - Oregon State University

Sustainability Office - Oregon State University

Shortform (Twitter, Instagram)

Some platforms like Twitter or Snapchat have shorter character limits for page names. In that case, default to abbreviations. Examples:

CPHHS - Oregon State

Forestry - Oregon State

Student Health - OSU

Public Policy - OSU

Sustainability - Oregon State

Account Handles

Like account names, handles should be consistent university-wide. However, handles are more limited by character count and naming will have some flexibility. Additionally, many users may have already memorized your handles, so changing your handle to the below format is optional. Your handle should be what users know you by most.

If possible and desired, usernames should have “OregonState” or “OSU” positioned at the back. This is a consistent branch from the university’s main @OregonState accounts, and brings recognizable affiliation with Oregon State to accounts.