The Oregon State University logo was developed in 2017. For more information about the process and inspiration, please visit the Institutional Logo page.

Logo Basics

As the primary identifier for Oregon State University, the logo must be used on all forms of communication and whenever the university is being represented.

Consistent use of the logo strengthens recognition for Oregon State and helps build a unified brand. Unique logos for academic, administrative or research units undermine this effort and are not permitted, without exception.

Anatomy of the Logo


The Crest 

The crest should be black and placed on a field of white, which allows for consistent use across different color backgrounds and photos.

The Wordmark

The wordmark is a custom letterform and cannot be replicated by typing the letters. When possible, the wordmark should be two-color, using combinations of Beaver Orange, Paddletail Black and Bucktooth White. Colors should be chosen that provide enough contrast with the background color or image. 

The Logo

The crest and wordmark are collectively known as the logo.

logo on color

logo photo




There are two configurations of the logo, including a horizontal and vertical option. The crest and wordmark may be separated for select applications, like on banners or promotional products, however, both elements must always be seen in the same field of vision. Please contact University Marketing for more information.

logologo vertical

One Color

For one-color prints, the field of white in the crest is not printed. The negative space becomes transparent, and the base color of the piece shows through, as illustrated in the examples below.

one color


For most printed materials like posters, brochures and fliers, the logo must be placed at the bottom of the piece. Use the grid system below to determine the space for where the logo can be placed. It can be positioned anywhere within that bar to best meet design needs. In some instances, like on pull-up banners, the logo can be placed at the top of the piece in order to be seen. For other questions regarding logo placement on the web, social media, mobile, video or merchandise and products, please contact University Marketing.

logo vertical

logo horizontal

Minimum Size

In order to ensure legibility, the logo should not appear smaller than 1.375 inches in printed materials.

minimum size

Clear Space

Clear space must surround the logo to ensure legibility and provide the greatest impact. The size of the clear space must be at least the width of the crest.

clear space

Incorrect Uses

The logo is a registered trademark and cannot be altered in any way. The following examples are not permitted under any circumstances.


Companion Logos

The brand architecture system provides for companion logos for colleges and select units. Creation of companion logos is subject to approval from the dean/department head and University Relations and Marketing.

Companion logos cannot be placed on the front of materials but may be used on the back cover, next to contact information. They may also be used on stationery and promotional products. Companion logos are designed in a horizontal format. Vertical companion logos are not permitted. 



Oregon State may partner with other established organizations or institutions. When this occurs, the Oregon State University logo should be placed in the bottom left corner and appear in equal proportion to the other logos.


When multiple campus departments partner together, the Oregon State University logo should appear in the bottom left corner and the individual department names should be listed in the bottom right corner.

Beaver Logo

The beaver logo is the primary mark for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and its entities. Academic, administrative and research units, in addition to sponsored student organizations are permitted to use the beaver logo in their materials and promotional items. The beaver logo should never replace the Oregon State University logo. For a full list of design guidelines and correct uses, please visit Trademark Licensing.

athletic logo

Additionally, in order to build brand awareness and maintain consistency, stylized, hand-drawn or cartoon images of the beaver are not permitted.

Presidential Seal

The Presidential seal is reserved for use by the Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, Commencement programs and university diplomas.

university seal