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Oregon State University Brand Statement

Oregon State University is an authentic community, whose accomplishments, inclusive excellence, innovation and leadership promote a healthy planet, wellness and economic progress.

What is a brand?

People generally think that a brand is a logo, but a brand is more than just a logo. An organization’s brand may be represented by a logo or other elements such as fonts, colors, name or tag line, but these elements are not the brand. A brand is an organization’s reputation or promise to its constituents.

We own the Oregon State University brand

Everyone plays a part in managing the Oregon State University brand. In communications and marketing, it’s the stories we tell, the photos we choose, the tone of voice and the way we represent Oregon State University. For others on campus, it is the way people experience our brand when they come to campus, work with an Extension agent or benefit from faculty research.

A strong brand

To keep the Oregon State University brand strong, we all need to speak in one voice. By utilizing these brand guidelines, we can present unified visuals and messages that create that one voice. This system has guidelines and templates that present the university’s brand in a cohesive and consistent manner, yet still allows for flexibility of expression for different audiences. A strong voice will help us all penetrate the noise and clutter and ultimately increase awareness of the Oregon State University brand and what it means.