Identify someone within your group who will act as your food drive coordinator. Send that individual's name, mailing address, location of collection container (if applicable) phone number, and email address to Mark Jacobson.

Discuss with your group food and fundraising ideas; see Fundraising Ideas and Information for help with this. Challenges between student groups are an effective way to stimulate interest and have fun while doing a great community service. Food donated through this drive must be non-perishable and commercially canned and packaged so the food will not spoil and can be handled safely and efficiently. There is a great need for food high in nutritional value, such as: canned meats, canned fish, stews and soups, canned fruits and vegetables, pasta, infant food/formula, powdered milk, and peanut butter. See our Most Wanted Foods poster for more information. Feel free to print this poster to use on your collection containers or at events.

Food Collections:
If you choose to collect food as an activity first establish a food collection site. The use of empty copy paper boxes as your food collection container makes handling and weighing food that is collected easier, but any clean and convenient container will work. Please display posters in visible areas, on collection containers, and distribute extras to promote your activity. Final pickup for campus sites needs to be arranged by Wednesday, February 28. If you need food donations picked up before or after this date, contact Mark Jacobson or the Linn Benton Food Share at 541-752-1010. Don't forget to mention that you are with the OSU Food Drive and be sure to get a pick-up receipt. This receipt is for your records and please send or fax copies of all receipt(s) to Mark Jacobson; University Events, OSU Food Drive, A402 Kerr Administration Bldg., Corvallis, OR 97331. Receipt copies need to be received by Friday, March 2, 2018 to be included for the university's competition.

Food or Fundraising Event:
If you're planning a special food or fundraising event, submit your event through our online Submission Form. Doing this will add your event to the Food Drive calendar and to OSU Today.

Cash Donations: 
Each dollar donated counts as four pounds of food towards our Food Drive goal. Consequently, cash donations are encouraged. Checks should be made payable to Linn Benton Food Share. Cash should be delivered to the Cashiers Office, Kerr Administration by 3:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Please bring a Donations Ledger (PDF Form) with you for tracking. Please turn money in as you go. Coins can be converted to bills through the cashiers office, but not before noon each day. A receipt will be returned to your food drive coordinator. Donations are tax deductible.

To thank you and acknowledge your efforts, recognition will be given to the top three producing student groups.

Remember, every effort counts, both big and small, so have fun, and know that your efforts are helping to feed hungry children and their families in our community.