Thank you for your interest in the Borrowables Program. This valuable program has saved the university around $100,000 per year over the last several years. Although it is a free program to users, management of the program requires University Events staff resources.

Recent Changes to the Program

  • All requests must be made one week prior to the event.
  • Pick up and drop off times are made by appointment only during designated office hours.
  • New Borrowables office hours
    • Mondays: 9 - 11 AM
    • Wednesdays: 1 - 3 PM
    • Fridays: 3 - 5 PM
  • Office hours are subject to change.
  • New fees are associated with late returns, returns outside of office hours, cleaning fees and repair fees. Please note that this will continue to be a free rental program for items returned in their original condition and on time.
  • New Location
    • The new location for Borrowables is Kerr 088, which is located in the basement of Kerr across from the service elevator.
    • To load/unload, you can park your vehicle in the 30 minute loading dock. Enter the door of the loading dock, take the service elevator to the basement and Kerr 088 is directly across the hall.
    • Renter is responsible for loading/unloading without assistance from University Events staff.

Catalog of Borrowable Items