2016 Broadcast Commercial

Hikers on a ridge line

In collaboration with University Marketing, we scripted, shot, edited and produced the 2015-2016 OSU broadcast commercial. Featuring a marine theme that aligns with the university's overall Marine Studies Initiative, this commercial was filmed at 9 different locations across Oregon and featured dozens of OSU researchers and students. This commercial won top honors at the 2016 CASE Circle of Excellence.


Ocean Acidification

Oregon CoastThis short documentary follows the issue of ocean acidification, a growing concern on the Oregon Coast and beyond. A collaborative production intended to raise awareness and inspire action among legislatures, students, teachers and anyone with deep connections to marine environments, we covered a range of perspectives to learn what the community thinks and how they plan to react to this growing ecological challenge.


Atrias: The Next Step Forward

Oregon CoastOregon State is home to one of the nation's top robotics programs. This short documentary is the story of a team of students in faculty member Johnathan Hurst's lab who take their cutting edge robot, ATRIAS, to the most legendary exhibition of its kind.


Ruth Hamblin: The Mechanics of a Student Athlete

Oregon CoastRuth Hamblin was one of the most dominant players ever to wear a Beavers uniform. But she's also a standout in the classroom. With a formidable GPA and a degree in engineering, she's a complete student athlete. This video, produced for the PAC-12, shows how she puts both aspects of her life together.