There are three variations of the Oregon State logo: vertical, horizontal and simple with just the words "Oregon State University." This allows flexibility of use in different media and formats. 

OSU logo options

To ensure recognition, the "OSU" letters that make up the logo must always be used with the words "Oregon State University."

Minimum Size

Size minimums are specified to ensure legibility in various media. The size specifications shown below are appropriate for print. Larger minimum sizes may be necessary for other media such as video and film, or products that require specialized manufacturing, such as embroidered apparel. There may be situations where the OSU mark will need to appear smaller than the minimum shown here (e.g. lapel pins, pens and pencils, CD spine labels).

OSU logo minimum size requirements


Clear Space

A specified clear space ensures the integrity and impact of the OSU logo. There may be cases where it is difficult to allow for the full recommended clear space (e.g., a very small display ad), and your best judgment should prevail.

x height

X=cap height of "O" and "S"

OSU logo clear space requirements

Recommended clear space = 2x

Unacceptable Logo Variations

The Oregon State University logo was created as a unified graphic and cannot be altered in any way. None of the following is permitted under any circumstances:

  • Substituting fonts
  • Outlining
  • Inlining
  • Distorting or applying special effects
  • Changing the relative size or positioning of the elements
  • Scanning the logo from printed documents
  • Filling the logo with a pattern or photo element
  • Using the logo as a watermark
  • Using the logo as part of a sentence or phrase
  • Reproducing the logo in colors other than the official approved colors
  • Using the "OSU" symbol alone
  • Placing the logo on a background that distracts or overpowers the logo