Christian Stehr
Prof. Emeritus of German languuage and literature
School of Language, Culture, and Society/School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing
Length of service: 
50 years

My career at OSU has been primarily about teaching, and sharing German culture - writ large and small - with both students and the broader public, as recognized with the Officer's Cross of the German Order of Merit awarded me by the President of Germany in 2002. When I retired in 2011, I had taught over 12,000 students (and continue teaching in the School of MIME, and at Genentech). I was a pioneer in distance teaching, with OPB. In addition to hosting, I was a producer/distributor of 1000s of hours of landmark news, entertainment, sports, and documentary for U.S.-German television, culminating in producer credits on three feature films, each show-casing a giant of German culture: Bonhoeffer, Luther, and Schweitzer. The work was all the more fulfilling because my three children earned part of their German minors under my tutelage, and my wife, Tammy, worked at my side on most of the international productions.