Gene Pirelli
Professor Emeritus
Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences
Length of service: 
40 years

I started with OSU Extension in 1979 as an area livestock-forage Extension Agent.  I worked with farm and ranch clientele on beef, sheep, swine and forage education and research programs.  In 1989 I became the staff chair of the Polk County OSU Extension Office.  In 1996, I started as a Regional Livestock-Forage Extension Specialist for the northern Willamette Valley and also Extension Swine Specialist for Oregon.  I continued in that position until my retirement in November of 2018.  Then I began an academic wage appointment to work on special projects and answer clientele questions which continues to the present day.

My noteworthy accomplishments during my time at OSU include:  developing a comprehensive pasture management guide for Western Oregon based on years of research and conducting selenium fertilization research which led to Oregon being the first state to approve the use of selenium as a fertilizer amendment on pasture and hay fields.