Janet Tate
Distinguished Professor of Physics
Physics, College of Science
Length of service: 
30 years

I have worked with so many talented students and colleagues during my career! My research team has studied the physics of energy-relevant electronic materials and produced some of the lowest-resistance p-type transparent conductors, highly absorbent solar radiation absorbers and developed new metastable semiconductor alloys.

I have loved teaching students from the introductory to the graduate level and have been especially excited about getting undergraduates involved in research. Our physics department has a wonderful curriculum called “Paradigms in Physics” that implements active-learning strategies.  I was a co-PI on the original program and continue to teach as it evolves into its 3rd decade.

I am proudest of the achievements of my many students who are now senior scientists in government labs and high tech industries, professors at  higher-education institutions, school teachers and entrepreneurs. OSU has been a great place for all of us!