John Mark Christensen
Professor Pharmaceutical Science
Pharmaceutical Science/College of Pharmacy
Length of service: 
40 years

My research involved pharmacokinetics, bio-pharmaceutics, pharmaceutics and drug formulation. I was the major advisor to 23 PhD students and 17 Master's Students as well as being the Graduate Council Representative to over 60 graduate students while also serving on over 100 graduate student committees. Seventy peer-reviewed papers of mine were published along with 82 abstracts. Also ten non-peer reviewed publications are in print; one is still being cited.  I have been awarded 7 US patents and 2 international patents that have generated significant resources to Oregon State. I was awarded Professor of the Year once and taught a popular writing intensive course for 20 years, the science of Cosmetics.  The course was full within an hour of it being available for enrollment each term it was taught.