Paul Montagne
Network Administrator
Civil and Construction Engineering
Length of service: 
25 years

My primary responsibilities over the years has been in Civil and Construction Engineering (CCE). I originally came from UofO ('85) and was in grad school in CCE, then hired as a faculty research assistant after receiving my MS in Engineering. I soon moved into computer support for the department. Currently, I maintain the Windows desktop environment for the College of Engineering. I also maintain our print services for the college. Some of the facilities I work with are the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Facility, Institute For Natural Resources and Pacific Marine Energy Center, among others. My job is rewarding in many ways, but my greatest joy is the student employees that work with me. Seeing them take on new challenges and grow, and become successful IT administrators themselves, has been a rich experience.  I appreciate the opportunities OSU has given me and my family over the years. Go Beavs!