Robert Holman
Professor Emeritus (Academic Wage Appointment)
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Length of service: 
40 years

During my forty years at OSU I have watched my College grow from the School of Oceanography to the College of Oceanography, then COAS, then CEOAS.  My primary role has always been research, with a minor in teaching and a growing but never dominant role in service to my research community and at a national level with the Navy, Army and many cross-agency programs.  The most heart-warming outcomes of my time at OSU have been to be part of the growth of a world class program in nearshore oceanography and engineering, and to be part of the education of a great group of young graduate students who have carried on to leadership roles in the world while continuing their connections with me and OSU.  I have traveled a great deal in my career but was always grateful to return home to OSU.