Backers Beneficiaries Backers Believers Contributors Influencers

Who They Are

  • Donors
  • Federal agencies
  • Oregon legislators
  • Nongovernmental organizations
  • Research, business, internship and industry partners

Backers believe in the work Oregon State is doing. They seek an active role in ensuring that the work continues by providing resources, funding and other support through their networks. They exhibit a vested interest in the continued growth and success of Oregon State. They may be interested in a direct, tangible benefit from their relationship with the university, or they may enjoy the value created by associating themselves as supporters of Oregon State University.

Current Mindset

  • High interest in excellence: the best and brightest students, world-class rankings and increased value of a degree over time
  • Appreciation of Oregon State for global leadership and impact beyond the state
  • Know Oregon State is doing the research that truly makes a difference
  • Business and industry leaders believe in the quality of Oregon State graduates
  • Business community possesses very strong goodwill toward Oregon State
  • View Oregon State as the more politically neutral university

What They Care About Most

  • Impact of their support
  • Stewardship of resources
  • Relevant impact and outcomes
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • ROI in transactional contexts
  • Value of associating with Oregon State 

What We Need Them To Do

Understand and view Oregon State as a worthy, responsible and accountable recipient and steward of funds, grants and investments from individuals, entities and organizations.

Points to Emphasize

Backers need to know that Oregon State takes its role and its fiduciary responsibility seriously — doing more with less and accomplishing great things without great resources. Oregon State recognizes that resources are valuable, so we must remind and reassure them of our responsible stewardship and commitment to accountability. For them, the messaging will strike a balance between role and attitude.