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Who They Are;

Primary focus:

  • Portland
  • Corvallis
  • Central Oregon 
  • Newport
  • All of Oregon
  • Employers
  • General public 

Secondary focus:

  • United States
  • International 

Oregon State University serves the state of Oregon, but its reach extends around the planet for the Beneficiaries. Whether it’s driving local economies, inventing new approaches to food, advancing human health or identifying emerging global issues, people need to know that Oregon State is behind the work. Whether they realize it or not, the lives of Beneficiaries have been positively affected by Oregon State. Establishing and strengthening these connections will increase dialogue, yielding new levels of appreciation for the university. 

Current Mindset

  • Some general awareness of economic impact, with startups and corporations fueled by Oregon State graduates
  • Some knowledge of Oregon State's application of research but not the reach and scope
  • Appreciation of Extension efforts (4-H and youth programs) but sometimes without the knowledge of their connection to Oregon State
  • Belief in Extension — nearly all counties agree to taxes to grow Extension across the state
  • Low awareness of Oregon State's contribution by attracting students to the state, startup businesses and industries
  • In Bend, growing awareness of and excitement for Oregon State as an engine for the region

What They Care Most About

  • Economic impact
  • Sustainability
  • Responsibility
  • Research breakthroughs
  • Quality of life

What We Need Them To Do

Acknowledge and appreciate Oregon State’s commitment to serving the state through the land grant mission and delivering knowledge through applied research. Appreciate the excellence and access to education and the impact of work that reaches around the world.

Points to Emphasize

Oregon State should be acknowledged for all of its great work — and as an invaluable resource for the future. We will seek to strengthen the association between the outcome of the work and the institution. The deeper and more informed this relationship becomes, the more powerful our positioning will become. We’ll speak heavily to this group about benefits, placing an emphasis on our role and leadership in areas of expertise.