Contributors Beneficiaries Backers Believers Contributors Influencers

Who They Are

  • Administration
  • Academic leadership
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Researchers
  • Board of Trustees
  • Current students (on campus and online) 
  • Key volunteers
  • Non-degree learners
  • Non-credit learners 

Contributors are actively engaged and highly informed about Oregon State and the power of the university. They share a deeply emotional connection with the brand, built through a personal relationship with the university. They participate daily in brand-building behaviors, which makes them responsible for delivering on the brand promise through a variety of interactions. They are learners, teachers, researchers and the doers who actually set ideas into motion. They are passionate about Oregon State because they are Oregon State. 

Current Mindset

  • Great sense of pride in affiliation as Beavers
  • Genuine belief in the academic strength of the university as the leader in the state 
  • Respect for the land grant mission and role
  • Students are proud of their decision to attend Oregon State
  • Readiness for Oregon State to come out with a greater presence

What They Care Most About

  • Culture
  • Student success
  • Educational quality
  • Opportunity to solve problems
  • Ability to do work that matters
  • Inclusivity
  • Accessibility
  • ROI (broadly defined)
  • Degree equity
  • Reputation and recognition
  • Progress and relevant impact

What We Need Them to Do

Align and rally around where the university is headed, by clearly and consistently articulating elements of the brand story. Find ways to facilitate and celebrate brand-building behaviors for those on the front lines who can carry it forward.

Points to Emphasize

We want them to take pride in the idea of leadership, rally around it and feel confident in it. People look to this group as leaders, so we must instill a sense of pride in their role as a contributor to Oregon State. With this in mind, communication will focus heavily on messages of leadership and the university’s irreplaceable role.