If there’s a jumping-off point for authentic writing, it’s next to a big mirror. By seeing and embracing who we are as a brand and considering how we can fulfill the promise Out There, we can adopt the proper mindset to speak in our genuine voice.

We're Confident in Our Knowledge

We express our confidence through highly specific lingo that pertains to the topic at hand. This lends authenticity to our story and elevates the reader’s trust. Address the complexities of our work using clear, down-to-earth wording that is appropriate for the audience. 

We Put Ourselves Out There

What we learn and experience on campus not only prepares us for what’s next, but we’re always ready to push the boundaries of inquiry and ask the questions that take us far outside of our comfort zones. 

We're Demonstrative

We have a deep passion for what we do. So we’re inspired by our accomplishments and encourage others to be as well. We’re always ready to show and tell. There are no secrets here.

We Get Carried Away

Our enthusiasm is contagious because it’s genuine. It forgives what others might consider boasting.

We Say Challenge Accepted

We see everything as a challenge but not in a competitive way. We just want to do the very best we can and some good in the process. Some call it being humble. It’s just who we are and what we do. Never aiming for a shot at glory but just a chance to do something incredible. 

We See Everywhere as a Chance to Make a Difference

We don’t always go to the end of the world to make a difference. In fact, “out there” is often just around the block. We can treat it as such. 

To Us, Things Are Always More Than They Seem

Everything we do makes an impact. Even the smallest thing. Two drops of data can trigger a ripple effect. We can be humble about what we do, but the greater impact of our actions is undeniable.