Influencers Beneficiaries Backers Believers Contributors Influencers

Who They Are

  • Legislators
  • Elected officials
  • Decision makers
  • County, state and federal government
  • Media 

Influencers are critical to the future strength, prominence and capabilities of Oregon State. Their level of authority in transformative decision-making shapes the landscape Oregon State operates in. Many Influencers have a responsibility to act on behalf of the people they represent; therefore, reaching them may best be achieved through communication to the media and compelling stories. 

Current Mindset

  • High regard for the university as a top state research institution
  • Strong belief in Oregon State as a powerhouse of economic development, including entrepreneurial pursuits and contribution of graduates
  • Belief in the university's statewide footprint and strength in engineering as a service to the state
  • View of Oregon State as easy to work with, authentic and down to earth

What They Care About Most

  • Economic impact
  • Image
  • Accountability 
  • Responsibility 
  • Research outcomes
  • Progress (social and economic)

What We Need Them to Do

Understand and pay attention to the critical role of the university within the state of Oregon and beyond — and use that knowledge to positively shape laws and policy.

Points to Emphasize

Influencers have power through their voice. Their decisions can quickly shape possibilities for Oregon State through legislation and policy. Addressing this group can be done through the media, by highlighting the global impact and the reach of the university's work. All messages and stories must highlight Oregon State's leadership and the importance of the university’s role without ignoring other key messages for this group.