Tone is the fine difference that makes our voice unmistakable. Getting it right means drilling a little deeper into the qualities of our personality and considering how our message reaches different audiences.

We’re worldly but not above it all.

We’re serious but not stuffy.

We’re passionate but not fanatical.

We’re focused but not fastidious.

We’re selective but not snobby.

We’re visionary but not head-in-the-clouds.

We’re authoritative but not closed-minded.

We’re knowledgeable but not know-it-alls.

We’re big-picture but not detail-agnostic.

We’re easygoing but not pushovers.

We’re unwavering but not unresponsive.

We’re questioning but not contrary.

We’re nerdy but not geeky.

We’re humble but not self-deprecating.

We’re confident but not cocky.

We’re proud but not prideful.