Out There. These two words express our creative platform and while you’ll see them in marketing materials at the outset of the brand launch, Out There will appear less often as more and more Beavers adopt it as a platform to tell their stories. Here are some thought-starters and variations on how to convey Out There without saying it. 

Talking Locale

Sense of place comes from more than a location; it can be a setting that offers a vantage point on whole new ideas.

  • When you’re this close to a discovery, you can never go too far.
  • Somewhere between the asteroid belt and Corvallis, it hit us.
  • We came for the science. We stayed for the scenery.
  • In over our heads and happily descending.
  • Site requirement #1: Is it as dangerous as Mars? 

Talking Approach

How we go about our work begins out there and ends with a great opener.

  • We started with the right animal for the job: volcanic vent worms.
  • When the faculty advisory board needs a reset, go-carting works well.
  • Music based on a melody by the Pacific Ocean.
  • We didn’t set out to invent a new pigment, but accidents happen.
  • You don’t have to be an elected official to teach poli-sci, but why not?

Talking How We Think

We come at challenges from a unique perspective. A place of wonder, located out there.

  • Question one: Is it too early to start asking questions?
  • Some problems are best solved from the inside out.
  • With another round of testing, we’ll have another idea of what won’t work.
  • Our stance on easy answers: If it’s easy, it’s no answer.
  • The right answer comes quicker when you assume you know nothing. 

Talking in General

Beyond first lines, here’s a range of words and phrases you can lean on.

  • Unique point of view
  • A different path
  • A smarter way
  • Unprecedented
  • Unexpected
  • Uncommon
  • Unconventional
  • Unorthodox
  • Unobstructed
  • Novel
  • Original
  • Unique
  • Remarkable
  • Extraordinary
  • Singular 

Note: One big, liberating advantage of our brand  it doesn’t necessarily hew to the headline-and-body-copy model. Our first line is our headline. It’s the shot across the bow that tells the audience, “These people are coming at the big challenges facing the world from a very different place.”