We are branding the sesquicentennial anniversary as OSU150 — all one word. There is no space between OSU and 150.

Marketing and Promotional Materials

Events and materials specific to OSU150 will use the OSU150 logo in place of the university logo.

Design mockups and downloadable templates are to use for your projects.

The OSU150 logo can be used on promotional giveaways. Contact Shelly Signs for orders.

Co-branded Events

Use the OSU150 logo and the other organization logo in accordance with co-branding instructions.

Email Headers and Signatures

An email header template with the OSU150 logo is available to download. Email signatures should follow the same guidelines provided in the Brand Identity Guidelines. Following best practices for emails, images such as the OSU150 logo should not be included in a signature since such images are often delivered as attachments and are not accessible.


All departments and colleges can request the OSU150 graphic. Please place this graphic on the unit home page and link back to OSU150.org.


Colleges and departments should place the OSU150 logo in the footer of an e-newsletter and link back to OSU150.org. The OSU150 logo should not appear in sidebars, headers or in body text.


An OSU150 wallpaper is available to be downloaded.