Portraiture is, in many cases, a necessity in telling compelling stories and recounting personal journeys. It’s an important tool to have, especially for more editorial needs.

The setting for a portrait photo should be appropriate for the subject’s major, program or area of interest. If open windows are available, shoot near those. Contextual elements (such as tools, machinery or accessories that relate to the topic at hand) can be helpful in building a realistic image, even if they are in the background or out of focus.

Clothing should be casual and appropriate for the setting. The subject’s normal day-to-day wear should be fine. Patterned clothing and non-Oregon State logos should typically be avoided. Most importantly, subjects should feel comfortable.

Although it is acceptable for the subject to be looking at the camera in our portrait style, it’s also helpful to capture images where the subject is looking away or otherwise engaged in an activity.

Note: Ensure that the people in your photographs are adhering to any and all safety requirements in their given surroundings (such as safety goggles in lab spaces, hard hats in forest areas and the like).