The Campus Supplier Program provides benefits to OSU departments and student organizations that want to purchase university branded, promotional products. Benefits are listed below and will help facilitate the purchasing process.

All items are subject to licensing fees and must be produced by a vendor that is a Campus Licensee. Products may be sold for fundraising purposes but cannot be sold on campus. 



If you need help creating designs, downloading logos or finalizing artwork, email Trademark Licensing

Group Orders

Trademark Licensing facilitates group orders for common items like lapel pins, decals, notebooks and so forth. Because of the large quantities, items are less expensive than individual, smaller orders. If you're interested in a product or want to place an order, email Trademark Licensing


Campus Licensees

Search through the Campus Licensee list, identify products and contact a sales rep to start your order.

Quoting Tool

Generate quotes from multiple vendors at one time. Quickly and easily compare product options and pricing. 



Vendor Fairs

Product Showcases

Meet with an individual licensee to learn about the latest branded merchandise trends and new product ideas. Light refreshments will be provided.  

  • Join the mailing list to receive notifications about upcoming events. 
OSU Supplier Showcase and Expo

Participate in the annual OSU Supplier Showcase and Expo to visit with licensees, view the latest products and pick up samples.

Why use a licensed vendor? 

The requirement to use a Campus Licensee protects OSU in many ways. Each licensee has an agreement with the university and has met stringent requirements to ensure that: 

  • Products are of high quality and align with the reputation of the university.
  • Designs are accurate and well represent the OSU brand.
  • Items are not misleading or inaccurate in representing OSU's relationship with other entities.
  • Products are produced in a socially responsible and ethical manner. 

Licensing Fees

As of October 2018, all internal promotional items are subject to a 12% licensing fee, which is assessed on the cost of the item. The fee is paid directly by the vendor and may appear as a line item on invoices or be included in the total cost of the item.  

If you were to buy notebooks totaling $500, the licensing fee would be $60.