The following students showcased their work at the 2009 Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence event.  Award recipients are noted.

Check out some photos of the 2009 event.

College of Agricultural Sciences


Malcolm Anderson : The Potential Roles of Moss on Green Roofs in the Pacific Northwest

Rebecca Bathke : Effects of Estrogen on Temporal Gene Expression Patterns of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) in Immortalized GT1-7 Cells Using a Secretable Luciferase Reporter

Margaret Corvi : An examination of pesticide mixture toxcity using embryonic zebrafish and passive sampling device extracts  

Todd Dalotto : Variation of phenolics in anthocyanin- and nonanthocyanin- fruit tomatoes

Karl Fairchild : A Comparison of Bird Communities in Volcanic Blast Zones at Two Latitudes

Peter Landman : Brewing Co-Op Brew Cart

Jay Malmo : Investigation of Microbial Extracts from Unique Ecosystems

Sarah Maxfield-Taylor : The Molecular Identification Of Grass Pests

Kristen McAlpine : Development of a New Value-Added Blueberry Product Using High Hydrostatic Pressure (HHP) Technology

*winner*  Melissa McKenney : Pollination by Native Bees and Honey Bees in Cranberry

Dawn Merrill : Development of a colorimetric test kit for the determination of pyruvic acid as an indicator of pungency in onions

Jessica Puccetti : Use of Artemisinin to Treat Mycoplasma haemolamae in Llamas

*winner*  Michael Sandoval : Gemcitabine prodrug incorporated into nanoparticles has superior anti-tumor activity  

Ben Varley : Should Blind Chickens be used in Production

Tammy Winfield : Quantifying the value of native plants for increasing pollination and pest control

Priscilla Woolverton : Sustainable Research on Hydrophobic Soil


College of Business


Michael Luecker : Power10 Rowing- Introducing the Precision Rowing Oar

Monee Madrigale Mark Power : Increasing Fruits and Vegetable Consumption Among Oregon Food Stamp Recipient Families

*winner*  Aurora Sprott : OSU-Cascades Campus Sparrow Project


College of Engineering


Garrett Banton : Single Molecule Microscopy Software

Jordan Bernhardt Jacob Ervin, Ning Guo, Jill Folkestad, Grant Morrison, Matthew Perkins, Gerhett Vom Stegg, Paul Strauser, Josh Christiansen, Jake Goebel Jeff Lewis : OSU Timber Bridge: Black Team

Cynthia Edwards Aaron Fifer Andrew Nickerson : Bioreactor Production of Bone Matrix Proteins Using Osteoblasts Encapsulated in Gel Beads

Thomas Fitzgerald , Nathan Howell & Brian Maloney : Construction of Nanobiosensors  

Daniel Foland , Brent Hansen & Travis Walters : PCIe DDR2 Memory Card  

Jesse Grimes & Matt Chiasson : Engineering for Speed  

Kit Hoffman & Alex Neighbors : Rezwatt  

*winner*  Florian Kapsenberg & Kate Shreeve : Low Reynolds Number Flight Control

Derek Manwill : Structural Engineering Projects

Loren Paulsen & Bryant Brownell : Cortex Core Financial Processor  

Robert Simpson : Portal: Explosion Case Mod


College of Forestry


Joseph Checketts : 1a. Whychus Creek Stream Temperature During Oncorhynchus mykiss Spawning, Rearing, and Migration 2005-2008, Deschutes Basin, Oregon 1b. Water Resources Planning Laboratory: OSU/UDWC Undergraduate Internship

*winner*  Joshua Taggart : Life of a Sand Grain on the Oregon Coast


College of Health and Human Sciences


*winner*  Meru Belbayev : Perception of and Satisfaction with Competitive Uniforms Among Female Student Athletes

Hayley Chetlain & Christy Anderson : The Warm Springs Higher Education Project  

Melanie Jackson : The Effects of Estrogen and Genistein on Bone in a Mouse Breast Cancer Model

Courtney Lovemark : Factors Contributing to the Development of Overweight and Obesity in Growing Boys and Girls

Kathryn McHenry : The Characterization of Oxytocin Receptors in Corpus Luteum Endothelial Cells

Leigh McLean : Socioeconomic Status as a Factor Affecting School Readiness  



College of Liberal Arts


Elise Abramson : The effect of fashion dolls on young girls' career perceptions

Eric Adamic : Processing Multiple Displays: Does Attention to One Display Prevent Attention Capture by Objects in the Other Display?

Khara Croswaite : Do Central Attention and Spatial Attention Operate Independently? Evidence from Electrophysiology

Kevin England : 3D animation demo reel

Tasha Galardi : Legacies of the Bracero Program: A Case Study of Family Mobility and Transnational Linkages in the Pacific North West

*winner*  Nathan Herdener : Do stimuli capture attention because they are salient or because they match what you are looking for?

Scott Kouchi : Is Spatial Attention Needed for Visual Word Processing?

Samantha Pride : The Anti-Central American Free Trade Agreement Movement: Success or Defeat in San Jose, Costa Rica?

Kathleen Shaw : Assessing Automatic Emotion Perception Using Event-Related Brain Potentials

Amanda Tasker : The Lightest Weight

Aaron Thompson Brian Mills : The role of inhibition in switching attentional settings


College of Sciences

Heather Brown & Amber Houck (Education) : Linus Pauling Crystalline Models  

Alex Brummer : 3x3 Octonionic Hermitian Matrices with Non-Real Eigenvalues

*winner of the Recipient of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute prize* Megan Cook : Interactions between the invasive Indo-Pacific lionfish (Pterois volitans) and native Bahamian coral-reef fishes

Jennifer Cunningham : The influence of database configuration on the derivation of trace element partitioning expressions for clinopyroxene

Lucian Farmer : Earth's little time capsule: Zircon dating techniques and sedimentary provenance

*winner* Lanaya Fitzgerald : Interactions Between Fish and Jellyfish: Predation vs Commensalism

Lauren Foiles : No laughing Matter: What Nitrous Oxide Says About Abrupt Climate Change

Natalya Goloviznina : Regulation of SQUAMOSA PROMOTER-BINDING PROTEIN LIKE13 by miR156 in Arabidopsis seedlings

Jeremy Henderson : Dwarf Japanese eelgrass; a prolific and persistent invader of Northwest estuaries

Ian Hilgart, Laura Beaver, Cheri Goodall, Karen Tonsfeldt, Morgan Arnold, Brianna Knight, Peter Bebas, Patrick Chappell & Jadwiga Giebultowicz: CIRCADIAN CLOCK: The mammalian prostate and prostate cancer cells

Jason Kniss : The Academic Programming Initiative: A novel outcomes based residential programming model for OSU students

Sue-Jie Koo : The fecundity rates of Rhopalosiphum padi on selected Oregon and Californian grasses

Aubrey Leung , Ryan Frederick (Engineering) & Jonathan Wong : Energy and the Cell Phone  

Steven Ma : United Together "Isu Labasha" Workshops

Adam Martinez : Online Insect Taxonomy and Microplexity

Stacie Mosier : Efficacy of Topical formulation ST-246 in preventing poxviral disease in a murine model for immunodeficiency

*winner* Theresa Nguyen : Identification of upstream regulators of LeMAN2 endo-?-mannanase in tomato seeds

Anthony Novak : Svalbard glacier excursions in the early Holocene?

Neha Patel : Alpha-tocopherol metabolism in mitochondria of rat liver

Erica Puopolo : Phage Genomics Research

Christine Schneider : Initial Characterization of the Light Intermediate Chain of Dynein

Tiffany Townsend & Emilie Goodling (Liberal Arts) : Our Trip to Israel and Palestine  

Kiya Wilson : Using an Array of NE Pacific Sediment Samples to Link Land and Ocean Responses to Glacial-Interglacial Climate Change

Daniel Zollinger: Measuring metal status of ALS linked SOD1 mutants using ESI-MS