College of Agricultural Sciences

Katie Alderman: Developing Trap and Kill Technologies to Improve Management of the Western Spotted Cucumber Beetle (Diabrotica undecipunctata undecipunctata)

Katie Borgen, Marybeth Head & Jacci Zappa:  Diet and Growth in Juvenile Lingcod (Ophiodon elongatus)

Joanna Fisher:  Survey of Rhizosphere Competent Entomopathogenic Fungi on Small Fruits and Christmas Trees in Willamette Valley, Oregon

Christopher Hedstrom:  Pheromone Mating Disruption of Filbertworm Moth (Cydia latiferreana) in Commercial Hazelnut Orchards

Ian Hilgart:  Circadian Clocks, Cell Cycle and Cancer

*winner* Maxwell Johnson:  The Effect of Congruency on Flavor Interaction

*winner* Melissa Mckenney:  Native Bee and Honey Bee Foraging in Oregon Cranberry

Vananh Nguyen: **  Immunohistochemical (IHC) Characterize Melanocytic Tumors from Carcinogen Treated Skin of Retinoid-X-Receptor A (RXRA) in Mutant Mice

Caitlin Thireault:  Characterization of Type Iii Effectors from Pseudomonas syringae Pv Tomato Dc3000


College of Business

Stephen Hodges: **  International Successes and Failures of Microcars


College of Engineering

Coralie Backlund:  Pretreatment and Hydrolysis of Ponderosa Pine

Kelsey Childress:  Development of a Rapid, Reliant, Economic Colorimetric Microplate Glucose Assay

*winner* Ryan Frederick, Aubrey Leung (College of Science) & Jarrod Jackson:  Adapting Composite Models to Geoprofiling for Crime Prediction

Gavin Roderick:  Bioreactor Production of Manganese Peroxidase

Rachelle Stewart:  Investigating the Effect of Oxygen Transfer Rate in a Bioreactor

Kat Tadehara:  Production and Purification of a Lignin Degrading Enzyme from White-Rot Fungi

Kelly Wilson:  Nanospring Immobilized Enzyme Microreactor


College of Forestry

Allison Field:  Diet Preference of Rio Grande Turkeys: A Case Study Involving Native Amphibians in Western Oregon


College of Health and Human Sciences

Tracy Beckmann:  Metabolism and Activity of Sulforaphane from Single Dose of Broccoli Sprouts

Jenna Caparoso:  Assessing Self-Regulation and Cross-Cultural Differences in Early Childhood

Hayley Chetlain:  The Warm Springs Higher Education Project

Allison Fisher and Stephanie Cohen:  Female ACL Injuries

Tesia Ho:  Impacts of ECLD Curriculum on Leaders

Paul Jaques:  Effects of Anticipation on Landing Neuromechanics in Women and Men

Kevin Khlom:  Biomechanics of Assisted Transfers Between a Wheelchair and Motor Vehicle

Stephanie Mackay and Alex Galvan:  Long-Term Exercise Participation Among Prostate Cancer Survivors

Natalie Mares:  Examining The Influence of Long-Term Community Exercise Participation on Self Reported Functional Health and Quality of Life In Older Women.

*winner* Leigh Mclean:  Socioeconomic Status as a Factor Affecting School Readiness: A Further Study

Zachari O’Neill and Mitchell Thompson:  Describing Dietary Changes in Recently Treated Breast Cancer Survivors Using Two Dietary Collection Techniques

Molly Skinner:  Health Care Utilization and Diabetes Outcomes: Improving Control with Activity and Nutrition

*winner* K. Luke Snelling:  Effects of Broccoli Of Prostate Cancer Prevention

Adrienne Yu, Emilie Boatner & Hillary Waddle:  Investigation of Unhealthy Consumption Behaviors Among Generation Y Consumers


College of Liberal Arts

Nicole Buchanan:  The Effects of Fashion Dolls on Girls’ Career Perceptions

Jordan Clark:  Self-Monitoring: Trait or Motivated Act?

*winner* Ann Cook and Jennifer Johnson:  Beti (Daughter)

Eamon Dick:  Processing Multiple Cockpit Displays: The Influence of Event Rate on Aircraft Detection

Alison Gemperle:  Aging and Involuntary Attention Capture by Salient Objects: An Electrophysiological Study

Nadia Khoja:  An Electrophysiological Study of Visual Word Processing while Task Switching

Katherine Lewis And Brady Goodwin:  Weekly Patterns of Binge Drinking, Marijuana Use and Sexual Behavior among Undergraduate Students

Cayla Lopez: **  Argentina’s Transition from Classic Neo-Liberal Policies to a Horizontal AutonomyFrom Riches To Rags: The Movement Of Unemployed Workers

Semeon Risom:  Capturing Spatial Attention: Do Salience and Relevance Have Multiplicative Effects?

Robinson Taylor:  Cuing Emotional Prime

Aaron Thompson:  Switching Attentional Settings for Visual Search: Is Inhibition Applied?


College Of Science

Sara Anthony:  Seasonal Vartiation in Willamette River Dissolved Methane Concentrations

Hilary Browning:  Examining Stock-Specific Variation in the Stable Isotopic Composition of Chinook Salmon Otoliths as Indicators of Ocean Migration Patterns

Lauren Forbes:  The Legacy of Apartheid: South Africa’s Crumbling Healthcare System

Matthew Geniza:  Identification and Molecular Characterization of Circadian Clock Associated Transcription Factors in Rice

Jessica Gifford:  Optical Trapping and Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Nanoparticle Sensors in Microfluidic Devices

Daniel Gruss:  Applied Computer Techniques for Optical Tweezers

Daryl Khaw:  Searching for TRAF6 In Aiptasia pallida

Sue Jie Koo:  Correlation between Polychaete Host Genotype and Ceratomyxa shasta Infection in the Klamath River, OR-CA

Qiuying Liu:  Regulation of Alternative Splicing by NMD in Arabidopsis

*winner* Steven Ma:  In Vivo Role of Keratinocytic Endothelin 1 (ET1) in Mediating Keratinocyte and Melanocyte Homeostasis.

Sea-oh McConville:  Shoots and Blooms: A Controlled Mesocosm Experiment Assessing the Effects of Ulvoid Macroalgae Blooms on Eelgrass (Zostera marina) in Pacific Northwest Estuaries.

Stacie Mosier:  Impact of Topical ST-246 on Poxvirus Dermal Infection, Lesion Severity/ Resolution and Immune Responses

Maria Nguyen:  Regulation of Akt Posphorylation and Activity by Calpain-2 Through Cleavage of Upstream Regulators

*winner* B. Wren Patton: **  Surfacing Intervals of North Carolina Loggerhead Sea Turtles: An Initial Investigation in Satellite Telemetry

*winner* Emily Pickering:  Predation and Activity Levels of the Invasive Indo-Pacific Lionfish in the Bahamas

Tyler Rockey:**  The Impacts of Gender-Focused Social Programs at a Micro-Lending Institution: A Case Study in Ayacucho, Peru

Jacquelyn Smith:  Geographical Equity in Chronic Disease Control: Improving Control with Activity and Nutrition

Emily Swan:  Prey Size Selection in Yellow Shore Crabs on Mussels

Stellar Yi: **  A Comparative Study of Pharmacy Practice Between the United States and Ecuador


** International Project