The following students showcased their work at the 2011 Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence event.  Award recipients are noted.

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College of Agricultural Sciences

*winner* AnnaRose Adams:  Response of Reef-Fish Habitat Specialists to Ramicrusta sp. Overgrowth of Fire Coral

Eva Arndt: Pesticide Use Practices and the Impact on Water Quality in Oregon Communities

Daniel Bratton: Development of a Sprayable Herbicide:  Enzyme-Mediated Conversion of Glucolimnanthin

Laura Magana: Quantifying IFN-y Production During Graft Versus Host Response Following Treatment with TCDD

Samuel Moore: Gaper Clam Reburial

Jeremiah Psiropoulos: (URISC) Sex-biased Parasitism Among Threespine Stickleback in Lake Myvatn, Iceland

Jared Streich: Transcriptomic Response of Brachypodium Distachyon to Different Light Qualities

James Thomas: IV Quality Assessment and Improvement in
Outpatient Surgery

Anneke Tucker: (URISC)Inhibition of Alpha-Amylase and Alpha-Glucosidase by Bioflavonoids: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies

Aurora VanGarde: (URISC) Telomere Binding Protein Antagonists for
Stem Cell Therapy


College of Health and Human Sciences

 Fatimah Alramadhan: ** Control of Hemoglobin A1c Level Using Physical Activity

 Yongsuk Choi** & Austin Coupe: Identifying Different Types of Fallers Through
Gait Analysis 

Kristina Farm:  High Intensity Interval Training: Impact on Fitness and Body Composition in Sedentary, Overweight, Premenopausal Women

Dana Finders & Rachelle Biegler: Nutritional Status and Lipid Profiles in Active
Women with and without Menstrual Dysfunction

*winner* Angelica Grizzle:  The Relationship Between Self-Regulation and Having Siblings

Ryan Haran:  Can whole-body vibration reduce peripheral neuropathic foot pain in adults with diabetes?

Alyssa Hersh: **  Translation of Evidence-Based HIV/STI Interventions into Practice

Tesia Ho:  Self-Regulation and Mindset

Salvador Jaime:  Investigating Health and Fitness in the Fire-Fighter Population

Erin Jones:  The Influence of Depression on Participation and Success in a Lifestyle Intervention for Type 2 Diabetes

Rita Krantz: Can whole body vibration reduce diabetic peripheral
neuropathis foot pain?

*winner* Natasha Luff & Eileen Pierce-Freeman: USDA’s Recipe for Healthy Kids Competition

Rebecca Rau & Jillian Grant:  Producing for the Future

Molly Skinner:  Improving Control through Activity and Nutrition: Impact on Medication Adherence

Kourtney Wilks:  Improving Control with Activity and Nutrition 

Ashley Wong & Jovan Duvall:  An Implication of Energy Density on Weight Loss

Sue Xiong: Quality Assessment & Improvement in Outpatient Surgery

College of Engineering

Shannon Cahill-Weisser: (URISC) Gel Electrophoresis as a Supplement to Dynamic
Light-Scattering in Molecular Characterization of Equine Synovial Fluid

Ryan Frederick, Aubrey Leung & Carrie Rebhuhn:  Optimal Repeater Placement for Several Population Densities and Interference Cases

Meghan Hemphill-Johnston & Stacy Kanaan: (URISC) Patterned Carbon Nanotube Growth: Using Direct Write Lithography and Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

*winner* Samuel House, Sean Connell & Ian Milligan: Indoor Location and Activity Monitor

Madicken Munk: Production of Medical Isotope Molybdenum-99 in Oregon State TRIGA Reactor

Ishan Patel: Development of a Quantitative Ex Vivo Model of Thrombosis

Lisa Thompson: Managing Spotted Wing Drosophila in Fruits by Understanding Landscape Surroundings



 College of Liberal Arts

*winner* Casey Bergeron:  Biological Influence on the Face and Personality

Jordan Clark: (URISC) You had me at hello: An investigation of Self-Monitoring Skills and Impression Judgment Accuracy

Jessica Hansen:  Traumatic Brian Injury: Associated Psychological Consequences and Effectiveness of Therapies

Katy Krieger: True Face Shape and its Influence on the Perception
of Attractiveness

Natalie Oaks: Adding to the Ekphrastic Tradition: Anne Sexton’s Relationship with New Visual Arts

Kimberly Pendergrass:  Banksy: Social Activist or Opportunist?

Neebinnaukzhik Southall:  Then and Now: Asserting Anishinabek Identity through Indigenized Apparel

Robinson Taylor: On the Control of Spatial Attention: Is There Attentional-Bias Toward Threatening Objects?

Matthew Thomas: Reading Unattended Words: Does Competition for Word Processing Resources Enhance Attentional Selectivity in the Stroop Paradigm?

Audrey Wiltz:  No More Mindless Media: Today’s reality, Hope for Tomorrow


College of Forestry

Orion Peavy:  Metolius Permanent Plot: 1981-2006

*winner* Dustin Quandt:  (URISC)Quantification of Dissolved Organic Carbon Loss through Soil in Watershed 1 within HJ Andrews Experimental Research Forest

Jeff Traver & Daniel Way:  Characterization of Woody Biomass Fuels Prepared from Logging Slash



College of Science

Caitlin Crimp: (URISC) Gender-Dependent Modulation of Benzo[a]pyrene Metabolism and Oxidative Stress by Alpha-Tocopherol in Rats

Kelly Crotty:  (URISC) Lipoic Acid Induces Nrf2 Activation in an
mTOR-Dependent Manner

Kevin Dunn:  Transfection of HEK-293 Cells with a Mitochondrial-Targeted Ceramide Synthase 5 (LASS5) Gene

Jessica Gifford: (URISC) Gravitational Waves and LISA

*winner* Margaret-Rose Leung: (URISC)The Effect of Localized Oil Spills on the Atlantic Loggerhead Turtle Population Dynamics

*HHMI winner* Maria Nguyen: (URISC) Calpain 2 Proteolysis of Akt

Linda Nguyen: (URISC) The Effects of Green Tea Catechin EGCG on DNA Methylation and Foxp3 Gene Expression in Immune T Cells

Sita Ping: (URISC)Evolution of Mitochondrial Genome Architecture in Nematodes

Kera Tucker:  Oregon’s Violent Past: Rhyolitic Volcanism in the High Lava Plains

Anna Vigeland:  (URISC)UVB Radiation Affects the Quantity and Quality of the Pheromone of Red-sided Garter Snakes


** International Degree

URISC - Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship & Creativity

Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship & Creativity (URISC) is a Research Office program that supports Oregon State University (OSU) undergraduate research activities. The URISC program is intended to enable OSU undergraduate students to initiate a scholarly relationship with faculty early in their academic careers. Faculty mentors are expected to assume financial responsibility for student research activities if they continue beyond the initial URISC sponsorship.