The following students showcased their work at the 2013 Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence event.  Award recipients are noted.

College of Agricultural Sciences

Ann Bernert (also with University Honors College)- Evaluating pesticide sensitivity of the honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) microbiome

*second place* Elise Cowley (also with College of Science) - Discovery and Characterization of Novel Cytotoxic Cyanobacterial Natural Products

Sada Egenriether (also with College of Engineering) - Older but Wiser: Accelerated Food Search Behavior in Aging Drosophila

Alejandra Márquez Loza (also with University Honors College) -Ibuprofen enhances working memory in aged mice, but reduces mRNA expression of N-Methyl D-Aspartate receptor subunits in frontal cortex across ages


Andrea Methven and Maria Nguyen - Alpha-Tocopherol Improves Antioxidant Status and Cisplatin Anti-Tumor Efficacy in a Rat Model of Ovarian Cancer

*honorable mention* Erin Peterson - Biogeography of the speckled dace (Rhinichthys osculus) in Oregon

*second place* Nicole Rinaldi - The Effect of Intracellular Zinc Concentration on Immune Activation and Proinflammatory Response in THP-1 Monocytes

Kimberly Sarver - Building a Better Mousetrap - Creating Isogenic Cell Cultures for Functional Studies of DNA Mismatch Repair

Ceely Will - Correlation between white mold and plant architecture in green beans

Matthew Yasui - Zebrafish 2013: A Scientific Odyssey


College of Business

*First place* Aimee Corliss - From Rural Youth to Global Citizen: A Qualitative Life Course Study of Youth International Exchange Program Participants

*second place* Erin Hatley, Melisa Magnuson, Ariana Giesbrecht, Bailey Phillpott, Olivia Echols, Walter Blince, Chandra Magnuson, Katie Keister and Amy Liu  - Teaching creativity, research and business acumen through fashion + lifestyle publication: DAMchic Magazine

*honorable mention* Jamie Cheung (also with University Honors College) - Cheung's Symphony No. 4 in F Minor: A Process of Design

Lyndsay Toll -


College of Earth, Oceanic and Atmospheric Science

*First place* Trevor Waldien - Shear development and tectonic overprinting in a back-arc basin, Klamath Falls, Oregon


College of Engineering

Kayla Al-Khaledy, Vanessa Kung- The Use of Contact Angle Analysis to Examine the Degradation of Polymer Surfaces After Long Term Exposure to Hydrogen Peroxide in Pharmaceutical Isolators

Jakson Clark, Jade Montgomery and Ryan Squires - Molecular Origins of Surfactant Stabilization of a Human Recombinant Factor VIII

*honorable mention* Colin Dickens - Synthesis and High Temperature Thermoelectric Characterization of YCo1-xRhxO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1)

*First place (tie)* Nathan Hinkle - Studying public perceptions of energy sources, uses, and technology for the development of educational materials

Amy Jahr (also with University Honors College) - Sonication of Silver Nanoparticles: Effects on Particle Size and Toxicity

Branden Kusanto - Directional migration and cytoskeletal organization in human neutrophils

Joseph Long - Growth and Biofilm Creation of Titanium Induced, Silicon Starved Pinnularia sp. Diatoms

*First place (tie)* Jade Montgomery - Embedding Adaptive Engineering Mechanisms into a Coupled Tendon Transfer Surgery for High Median-Ulnar Nerve Palsy: A Simulation Study with OpenSim

Steven Reid, Ryan Kalb and Patrick Simonson  - MetroSwift

Christine Turner - The Possible Role of Manganese(II) Oxidation by Pseudomonas  putida GB-1 in Lignin Degradation


College of Liberal Arts

Ameer Almuaybid - Dare to Stare? Compensation for Comfort in Body Language

Andreea Barbu, Shivangi Agrawal and Thanh Nguyen - The Social Side of Moebius: A Focus Group Study of Teenagers with Moebius Syndrome

*honorable mention* Alison Burros - Memory and Emotional Faces

Greg Erickson and Daniel Blatt  - We Can’t Compare Apples to Oranges:  Diagnostic Testing Methods for Autism and Alexithymia Are Ineffective

Mariah Estill (also with College of Science), Cassie Colton and Nick Davis  - A Study of the Availability of Disability Courses within the Top U.S. Undergraduate Psychology Programs

Sara Fassio (also with College of Science) - Characterization of the Sodium-Translocating NADH-Ubiquinone Oxidoreductase (NQR) on Vibrio cholerae Metabolism and Virulence Gene Regulation

Joseph Gill-Jackson - Gang Membership and Juvenile Criminality

Kayla Harr - “The Ivory Men Make Company Between Us”: Rethinking Subject and Object Relations in the Poetry of T.S. Eliot

Elliott Jardin - Does Intended Grasping Action Determine the Direction of Our Visual Attention? Insights from Event-Related Brain Potentials

Molly Jones - “To make you see”: Narrating identity, gender, and empire in The Good Soldier and Heart of Darkness

Katy Krieger and Shelley Devens - Get Out of My Face!: Facial Width and Type A Behavior

Hannah Mahoney - A Global Affair: Understanding 1960s Geopolitics Through the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair

Nicole Martin and Austin Hanlon  - R34D1ING W0RD5 W1TH NUMB3R5 – Electrophysiological Evidence that Semantic Activation Occurs

Steven McLain - "L’Amérique Latine: French Imperialism in Mexico, 1861-1867."

Jamie Naylor and Sarah Schuck  - Effects of Switching Search Strategy on Top-Down Attentional Control

*First place (tie)* Stacy Sim - Intelligence is an illusion: Evaluating the accuracy of intelligence assessments in social situations

*First place (tie)* Laura Tanner - “My Whole World”: Teen Moms Navigating Identity and Social Discourse"

Adelyn Vigran - Climate Change & US Inaction: A Comparative Analysis of Foreign Policy Determinants

Angelique Zojonc - Immigration and Crime:  Is Public Opinion Pragmatic?


College of Public Health and Human Sciences

*First place* Chelsea Black - Sulforaphane Decreases EZH2 Protein Expression in PC3 Prostate Cancer Cells

Marlene Cervantes - Healthy Living Project

*honorable mention* Mackenzie Curren - The effects of task and sex as factors on ACL biomechanics

Andrew Derringer - Does Caffeine Intake Impact Menstrual Function? Assessment of Caffeine Intake in Active Women with and Without Exercise Induced Menstrual Dysfunction (ExMD).

Rebecca Flynn - Tech-I/O B.E.S.T. Project

Elizabeth Gardner - Cardiovascular Effects of Dietary Nitrate and Nitrite in Health and Disease

Elisa Gooding - Single Parent versus Married Parents and Child Self-Regulation

Daniel Gray - What Shape Is the Door Handle? Correspondence Effects are Modulated by Object

Alyssa Hersh - The role of champions in the adoption and implementation of Project RESPECT

Theron Lee - Examining the Effectiveness of the Physical Activity Health Education Program for Persons with Multiple Sclerosis (HEMS) Project

*honorable mention* Cody Manriquez - Risky Behavior: Perceived Risk of Infectious Disease in Youth Entering Alcohol/Drug Treatment

Samantha Milholland - Relationship Between Children's Fine and Gross Motor Skills and Their Early Self-Regulation

Mai Anh Nguyen - Better Eating Starts Today (B.E.S.T.) Project

Yanet Nunez - Healthy Eating and Active Living - Mapping Attributes  Using ParticipatoryPhotographic Surveys: Building Leadership Capacity in the Latino Population

Olivia Paradis - Motor Skills and Young Children with Autism

Alexander Pearson - Physical Activity Health Education Program for Persons with Multiple Sclerosis

Rebecca Rau - Producing for the Future Cooking & Nutrition Program

*second place* Allison Riscoe - Sulforaphane Treatment Results In The Decreased Expression of Nuclear Transcription Factors In Prostate Cancer Cells

Adriana Sandoval - Improvement of Self-Efficacy, Attitude and Belief Systems of Undergraduates Working with Children with Disabilities

Becca Smith - Association between Health Status and Participation in a Diabetes Lifestyle Intervention

Schyler Sprague - Motor Skills in Young Children and Socioeconomic Status

Natalie Swanson - Measuring Static and Dynamic Balance: Examining the Relationship between time-to boundary and time-to-stabilization

Nicholas von Foerster - Biomechanics of Transfers Between a Wheelchair and Motor Vehicle

Katherine Yde - Cooperation and Achievement in Preschoolers

Marissa Yee (also with University Honors College) -The Association of Social Support and Self-efficacy to Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetes

Michaela Zucker and Lynn Zhang - Nitrate and nitrite content in the Japanese traditional diet


College of Science

Rachel Azevedo - Refinement of Absolute Quantification Mass Spectrometry to Detect and Monitor FMO levels in a Mouse Model of Tuberculosis

*First place (tie)* Justin Biel - Bent Out of Shape: Peptide Non-planarity Regained

*First place (tie)* Ana Brar (also with University Honors College) - Elucidation of DNA Damage Response Partners via UVB and IR in Arabidopsis thaliana

Justin Conner - The Effect of Carotenoid Supplementation On Disease Susceptibility in Amphibians

Deepthika Ennamuri (also with University Honors College) - Improved Antioxidant Status and Neurologic Outcomes Following Spinal Cord Injury in Rats

Mu Feng - Does the CEN-T-W-S-X tetramer link centromeres to kinetochores?

Jessica Flesher (also with University Honors College) - Is there a change in gene expression of apoptosis and autophagy genes in Aiptasia sp. after thermal stress?

Matthew Kaiser (also with University Honors College) - An Epigenetic Perspective on Pharmacologic Ascorbate in Colon Cancer

*honorable mention* Qiuying Liu (also with University Honors College) - Fighting the Global Cancer Burden: a Promising Molecular Based Cancer Therapy

Melodie Machovina - Engineering Bioorthogonal Reactions on Proteins in Live Cells

Afina Neunzert - Exploration of charge-transfer exciton formation in organic semiconductors through transient photoconductivity measurements

Callia Palioca (also with University Honors College) - The Crystal Structure of Mycoplasma pneumoniae Glycerol 3-Phosphate Oxidase, a Potential Drug Target for Combating Walking Pneumonia

Bo Park (also with University Honors College) - Characterization of a Novel Metalloprotease Secreted by the Type II Secretion System in Vibrio cholerae

Omar Rachdi, Casey Young - Rapid Microwave Synthesis & Characterization of "Orange", "Green", and "Blue" Pigments 

Minhazur Sarker (also with University Honors College) - Robustness of HSP70 Response Correlates with Species Longevity

Connie Shen and Kimberly Rodriquez - Factors that Modify and Control Bcl11b, a Tumor Suppressor Protein

Claire Skach - Comparing the depth of cure of various bulk-placement composites as assessed by hardness

Nini Tran - Development of a Quantitative Assay Amenable for High-Throughput Screening to Target the Type II Secretion System for New Treatments against Plant-Pathogenic Bacteria

William Valiant (also with University Honors College)- Obtaining whole chlamydial genome sequences using a culture-independent method

Jacob Weber - Evaluation of the Conserved Proteins in the Cell Envelope and Membrane Vesicles of Neisseria gonorrhoeae as Putative Therapeutic Candidates

River Wiedle (also with University Honors College) - Thermal conductivity measurements via the 3-omega method

Peter Wong - Transmission and Persistence of Ceratomyxa shasta

Justin Zhang - Amino Acids and mTOR Control the Fate of Live Engulfed Cells