2014 Participants and Award Recognized Projects

The following students showcased their work at the 2014 Celebration Undergraduate Excellence event. Award recipients are noted.


College of Agricultural Sciences

Brittney Alves - Early Childhood Environmental Exposure to 2,2’,4,4’-tetrabromodiphenyl ether (BDE-47) and Its Association to Motor Development

David Bade - Analysis of a New Pathogenic Infection of Zebrafish Embryos Leading to Death of the Embryos

Wes Brown - Engineering Superoxide Dismutase into Polymers for Combating Arthritis Conditions

Megan Cummings - Examining Immune System Development of Red Tree Voles Using Complete Blood Counts: Sanguine Science

Cory Gerlach - Mono-Substituted Isopropylated Triaryl Phosphate, a Major Component of Firemaster 550, is an AHR Agonist that Exhibits AHR-Independent Cardiotoxicity in Zebrafish

Taylor Hughes - Therapeutic Exploration of the Endocannabinoid System

Monica Marcus - Bait & Trap Design Preferences for Drosophila suzukii

Elena Martinez - Monitoring the effects of oak woodland restoration on avifaunal populations in the Willamette Valley, Oregon

Rebecca Miller - Thermal gradients: new perspectives on bud break in conifers

Kyle Neumann - Development of osmotic sampling systems for chemical and microbial characterization of Marcellus Shale fluids

*First Place* Persia Neumann (also with University Honors College) - Urinary Excretion of the Mycotoxins Lolitrem B and Lysergic Acid in Cattle Consuming Perennial Ryegrass over 56 Days

Schyler Reis - Ecosystem Analysis of Wetland and Riparian Zone Restoration at the Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge Over Twenty Years

Kimberly Sarver - Creating isogenic cell cultures for functional studies of DNA mismatch repair

Amelia VanHoosen - Effectiveness of a Sedum and Moss Combination as Greenroof Vegetation in the Pacific Northwest

Helen Walters - Relationship Between Winter Downwelling Conditions and Summer Hypoxia Severity Along the Oregon Coast

Kate Faber (also with CEOAS and University Honors College) - Comparing Data of Arctic Sea Ice Meltpond Coverage from Icebreaker and from MODIS Satellite

Navid Ziaie (also with College of Science) - Modeling Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis infection using Caenorhabditis elegans

Abigail Sage (also with University Honors College) - Estimating Density of a Black Bear Population in Northeastern Oregon Using Dogs and Genetic Mark-Recapture Techniques

Nick West (also with University Honors College) - The Challenge of Finding Where SOD Gets Zinc: Identifying Novel Techniques to Recombinantly Express Metallothionein


College of Business

*First Place* Elisa Olsen, Josefa Gonzales and Chelsea Wilkinson - Application and testing of a cross-cultural product design model: The case of the Althea Goddess Headdress


College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

Taryn Bye - El Misti: A Sory of Magma Mixing

Zachary Carter - Combining Crystal Growth and Diffusion-Based Modeling Techniques to Determine Magmatic Timescales in a Large Silicic Magmatic System

Ross Ellingwood - The Link between Amphibole Aluminum Content and Reaction Rim Mineralogy and Texture

Austin George - Chemical Compositions of Amphiboles found in veins and hosts rocks of Cretaceous plutons of the Northern Cascades

Christopher Gibson - Implications of Ore Mineralization at Depth for Quartz Mountain, Douglas County, OR

Cody Johnson - Ross Ice sheet contribution to sea level Rise post last glaciation maximum.

Aaron Olson - Metal Zonation at Butte Montana

Nicole Rocco - Investigation of Perennial Cave Ice in Lava Beds National Monument

*First Place* McKenzie Tritt - Effects of the Moonlight Cycle on Aiptasia Spawning


College of Engineering

*First Place* Elizabeth Allan-Cole - Vertically Aligned Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as a Delivery Vehicle in Immunology

Sarani Chatterjee - Implanted Engineering Mechanism in Tendon-Transfer Surgery Improves Power-Grasping Capability

Aleksey Ionin - Development and Characterization of Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors Out of Lead-Free Perovskites for High Temperature Applications

Shanti Johnson - Low Cloud point Biodiesel Production

Madeline Wilson - Computational Study of Ni(OH)2

Tuan Truong, Garrett Clay and Bronson Mock - Wearable Heart Rate Monitoring System

Hari Caushik (also with College of Science) - Interface Prediction With Energy Based Feature Extraction


College of Forestry

Joseph Inskeep - Investigation of variables influencing oil yields from the distillation of Douglas fir foliage

*First Place* Byrne Miyamoto - Degradation of Laminated Bamboo Lumber Structural Properties Over Time

Elijah Wilson - Woodstove Research


College of Liberal Arts

Rachel Bonnie - Soak up the Sun: The Relation between Vitamin D and Depressive Symptoms in Young Adult Women

Anne Dennon - In the Flesh: Molly Bloom's Political Body

Dave Downing - Changing with the seasons: Does vitamin D affect mood?

Lindsey Ellett - Visuomotor Adaptation and Generalization Under Angular and Gravitational Distortions

Courtney Kutzler - The Role of the Human-dog bond in Animal Assisted Therapy and Home Placement

*First Place* Andrey Morozov - Associations Between Relocation and Seasonal Depression in International Students of Oregon State University

Logan Pedersen - Cat Waves Hi, Brain is More Spry!  Spatial Compatibility Effect Altered by the Presence of Objects

Jeremy Phillips - Salvia Hispanica Genome Atlas

Lara Salonen - Cultural Experiences of Muscogee Creek Women Through Time

*First Place* Stacy Sim - Men have a big head: Gender differences in IPT performance and confidence

Anna Sjostrom - Seasonal Changes in Sleep Among Young Adult Women

Kerrie B. Wrye - the ARt project

Alison Burros and Kallie MacKay - Memory and Emotional Faces

Jamie Naylor and Reggie Williams - Are People With Better Memory Less Easily Distracted? Visual Working Memory Capacity and the Contingent Attention Capture Hypothesis

Jamie Naylor and Derek Araujo - Attention Changes with Age but It Does Not Worsen: The Influence of Reward on Attention Capture for Younger and Older Adults

Jenna Saperia and Stacy Sim - Smart and Pretty People are Nice

Christian Sinnott and Emily Sokoloff - Without words for emotions: Is emotional processing deficit for Alexithymia caused by dissociation or suppression?

Alison Burros, Jody Kunigel and Jennifer Hwee - Reading Words with Numbers: Is Lexical Activation Triggered by Holistic Processing or Analytical Processing

Victoria Price (also with University Honors College) - Commoditization and Multilateral Regulation of Legal services in U.S.- Japan Relations

Katie Wicks (also with University Honors College) - Comprehensive Sex Education in Oregon

Brittany Backen  - Coed Cheesecake: The 1959 Wrestling Court and the Politics of the Marriage Market at Oregon State College


College of Public Health and Human Sciences

Alfredo Alvarez-Frias - Familias Activas Healthy Communities (Healthy Living, Active Living)

Carolyn Booth - Generating Rural Options for Weight: Healthy Kids and Communities; Examining the rural family home nutrition and physical activity environment

Nova Elwood - Whole Grain Consumption Among College Students

*First Place* Brittany Gilmore - Exploring Gender Differences in Self-Regulation Among Head Start and Non-Head Start Children

Michelle Hess - Inhibition of pancreatic lipase by grape seed and tea extracts

Kira Hornberger - Evaluating the reach and adoption of B-Better: Caregiver Guide to Preventing Dependents' Falls

Bridget Jamieson - Exploring Rural People's Perceptions of Weight-Healthy Attributes of Community Place

Nicole Johnson - Animal Assisted Adapted Physical Activity for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Kim Kelsey - Plasma metabolites altered by sulforaphane in humans

Katie Kohler - Investigation into the characteristics of horses used in 4-H and the local economic impacts of the Clackamas County 4-H Horse program

Chun (Willie) Leung - Biomechanics of Transfers Between a Wheelchair and an Automobile

Elle Morgan - Reporting on the Prevalence of Injury Prevention Programs Implemented by Coaches. and their Attitude Toward Such Programs

Ricardo Navarrete - Examining Relationships between the Family Stage of Change Survey and the Family Nutrition Physical Activity Survey among Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Families.

Laurel Paige Perilli - Pedometer Accuracy Study

Anne Marie Richards - GROW Healthy Kids and Communities

Emily VanMeter - Generating Rural Options for Weight Healthy Kids and Communities (GROW-HKC): Examining the School Environment

Ryan Willoughby - Examining the Effect of “Hand’s-on” Experiences of Volunteers in a Physical Activity  Program for Children with Disabilities

Haylee Winden - Effect of Physical Activity with Family Dog on Fine Motor Skills of Children with Cerebral Palsy

Yi Min Teo and Teresa Pimentel - OSU MyPlate visual mobile application device for college students’ food intake tracking

Adam Kiff (also with University Honors College) - The Effects of Focus of Attention on Muscle Activation and Torque Production


College of Science

Rocky Barker - Analysis of Au-Te bearing ores of the Jewett Mine, Josephine County, Oregon

Monica Best - Analytical Method for the Determination of Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances in Groundwater at Military Bases

Amy Bortvedt - The intestinal epithelial insulin receptor limits proliferation in the stem cell  zone during high-fat diet feeding.

Lindsey Broadus - Observations of size variation in trematodes infecting red-sided garter snakes (Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis)

Emily Cade - Investigating Compounds to Regulate Glioblastoma Multiforme Progression

Kevin Corey - Using Fluorescence to Quantify Symbiotic Relationships Between Aiptasia and Symbiodinium

Riley Evans - Natural Product Production in Hypocrealean Fungi

Anthony Heatherly - Forestry Influences on Aquatic Invertabrates in the Trask Water Shed

*First Place* Rachel Hegedus – Comparison of Canine Spermatozoa Motility, Morphology and RNA Integrity Using Three Different Cell Purification Solution

Talia Helman - Biomimetic Synthesis of GeO2 and TiO2 Utilizing the R5 and Poly-L-Lysine peptides

James Leathers - An Anthropological Reflection of Cultural Factors Inhibiting American Healthcare Reform

*First Place* Erin Peterson – Biogeography of the Speckled Dace (rhinichthys osculus) in Oregon

Jordan Pommerenck - Experimental Study and Model of Electric and Magnetic Field Propagation for Near-Shore Transmission Lines

Philip Prater - Testing the Resolution of the Fission Time Projection Chamber (FTPC)

*Honorable Mention* Joseph Pryor - Comparative toxicological assessment of PAMAM and thiophosphoryl dendrimers using embryonic zebrafish

Leeandra Rickard - Horizontal Transfer of Beauveria Fungus  Between Clover Root Borer Beetle Adults

*First Place* Alix Robel - Methamphetamine and Cocaine in Prison: Mass Loads in Wastewater vs. Random Urinalysis

Kayla Stalheim - Targeting Glioblastoma Migration Using Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles

Samuel Stephenson - Construction of a Hyperspectral Absorption and Fluorescence Surface Imaging Microscope

Will Valiant - Antiviral drug ST-669 inhibits chlamydial growth and changes inclusion morphology

Haley Van Volkenburg - Physical Activity Health Promotion Program for the Group Home Setting: Results from a preliminary process evaluation

Anna Vercruyssen - Evolutionary Dynamics of Selfish Genetic Elements in the Mitochondria of Oregon Coast Sea Anemones

Kylie Welch - Analysis of Particulate Organic Matter Distribution Along Surface Waters of the California Current

An- Ling Yang - Online Homework is not Significantly Associated with Course Enjoyment

Wiley Zhao - Purification, Culture and Chemical Analysis of a Leptolyngbya Cyanobacterium from the Coibamide-Producing Cyanobacterial Assemblage.

Sarah Heidmann and Erin Jaco - Comparing Metacarcinus magister settlement preferences among the seagrass Zostera marina and Zostera japonica

Elizabeth Corvi (also with University Honors College) - Characterization and Spatial Distribution of Particulate Organic Matter in the Arctic Ocean

Teresa Peterson (also with University Honors College) - Exploring the immune system of an elusive Oregon mammal – the red tree vole (Arborimus longicaudus)

*Honorable Mention* Johnathan Van Why (also with University Honors College) - It's a Trap! Designing Preflex Controllers for Robots that Run

Marcus Weinman (also with University Honors College) - Firocoxib and the Treatment of Canine Transitional Cell Carcinoma

Rochelle Glover (also with University Honors College) and Evan Dishion - Chemotaxis of Vibrio cholerae