Criteria for which your presentation will be judged

1.    Basic presentation - Is the overall appearance of the presentation visually attractive? Is it easy to read from 6 feet away? Is the font used sufficiently large? Are the choices of color pleasant in appearance? Does the text stand out from the background color/image? “Busy” images as backgrounds are usually distracting. Are the titles big without “shouting”? Is there a reasonable amount of information reported on the poster? Too much and too little are both problematic.

2.    Accuracy - Is the information on the presentation organized in a fashion that lends itself to understanding? Does it contain an introduction that can be easily understood? Is the text free of grammatical and spelling errors? Is the presentation free of mistakes/errors?

3.    Content - Is it clear WHAT is being reported? Is it clear WHY it is being reported? Is it clear WHO did the work? The work must have some relevance and the presentation must make the relevance/importance of the work clear. Is it clear HOW the work was done? (Are the methods clearly described?) Is it clear what the significance of the work is? Are the interpretations clearly described? Are alternative interpretations considered? With respect to the take-home message, is it clear?