Every year departments, extension offices, student groups and clubs across campus participate in the Food Drive. Find out how you can help:

Does your unit want to participate in the 2020 Food Drive? Contact OSU's Food Drive Coordinator Shelly Signs. He can help get you set up to hit the ground running.

Wondering if your department already has a coordinator? Check the list below. If your department does not have a coordinator, you are welcome to volunteer, the job is easy, fun and very rewarding! Another great way to participate is through a small monthly contribution; you can donate directly through your monthly paycheck. This is an awesome way to help with the fundraising efforts and the small contribution really does help a ton. Every effort counts, both big and small, so have fun, and know that your efforts are helping to feed hungry children and their families in our community.

    Note: $1 = 4 pounds of food = over 3 meals