Monetary Donations: $1 = 4 pounds of food = over 3 meals

Each dollar donated counts as four pounds of food or about 3 meals towards our Food Drive goal.
Food share agencies leverage funds by ordering low cost, high quality foods and quantities and prices not available to the average consumer.
Consequently, cash donations are encouraged.

Payroll Contributions

There several ways for OSU employees to make a recurring monthly contribution to Linn Benton Food Share through their OSU paycheck. These options are for those making a continuing commitment to Linn Benton Food Share and should not be used for those who wish to make a one-time contribution.

Online Donations

Donate online to Linn Benton Food Share through:

  • Network for Good This option has the lowest fees but a minimum $10 donation is required.
  • GiveButter - No minimum donation amount but higher fees.
  • Start a Facebook fundraiser for Linn Benton Food Share! Learn more.

With all of these options it is up to the unit coordinator to report the funds raised to Shelly Signs. For example, take a screen shot of the Facebook fundraising page showing the total raised at the end of the drive. For the first two options, while you can put in a note, reporting is delayed and we will not know centrally how much has been raised by a unit, or OSU for that matter, through these formats.

To thank you and acknowledge your efforts, recognition will be given to the top three producing departments in five different teams. Team assignments will be determined by the number of employees in each department.