Selecting a location is very important to the success of your program or event. Consider where your guests are coming from (walking on campus or driving from off campus) and what time of day and the day of the week your program is scheduled for (to avoid conflicts with other users of parking spaces). View the OSU Campus map.

Venues on Campus

Athletic buildings Athletics: 737-3335
Classrooms Scheduling Desk: 737-2181
Gilfilan Conference Services: 737-9300
Gill Coliseum Athletics: 737-3335
Langton Hall Public Health & Human Sciences: 737-3324
McAlexander Fieldhouse Dixon Rec. Center: 737-6828
Milam Schedule Desk: 737-2181
Peavy Lodge College of Forestry
Women's Building Public Health & Human Sciences: 737-3324
Dixon Rec Center Dixon Rec. Center: 737-6828
Learning Innovation Center (LINC)

University Events: 737-4717

Recognizing we live in unjust societies, Oregon State actively works to deconstruct systems of oppression.  Our seven cultural resource centers provide community, celebration, and traditions that encourage students to become dynamic role models with innovative approaches to create social change.

To reserve any of our OSU Cultural Resource Centers, please send an email to

Cultural Resource Centers

  • Established in 1990 as a space to engage students and members of the community around the Asian and Pacific Islander experience.
  • The APCC provides opportunities for engagement around the intersectional experiences of Asian and Pacific Islanders, the pursuit towards academic excellence, and the emergence of professional passions.
  • New building opened in 2015
  • Established in 1972 to provide a center for programming various academic, cultural, recreational, social events related to, but not limited to Chicano/Latino/Hispanic culture and heritage.
  • CCCC provides an environment in which students are able to accept and appreciate their differences.
  • New building opened in 2014.
  • Formerly known as Ettihad Community Center was established in 2013 by students who saw a need to represent peoples and cultures of the countries of South West Asia through North West Africa.
  • Centers name was changed to Ettihad Cultural Center and official grand opening was in 2014.
  • ‘Ettihad’ means unity or alliance and its root word has a place in the Farsi, Urdu, Hebrew and Arabic languages.
  • ECC provides an environment in which everyone feels welcomed regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, and/or beliefs.
  • Housed on the 3rd floor of the Student Experience Center
  • Conceptualized in 1968 after 25 Black students picked up withdrawal slips and began to boycott classes and sporting events.
  • Established in 1975.
  • BCC provides academic, cultural, and social programs/activities related, but not limited to African Americans and people of African cultures and heritages.
  • New building opened in 2015.
  • Established in 1971.
  • NAL provides educational opportunities to educate all about the regions’ tribes and visitors of all cultures.
  • For learners from a native background, NAL provides a source of support honoring the cultures of the first people on this land, including Alaskan Natives & Hawaiian Natives.
  • New building opened in 2013.
  • Established in 2001 formerly known as the Queer Resource Center
  • Center moved and changed name to the Pride Center in 2004
  • PC provides programs and resources for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, questioning, and intersex members of the OSU community and their allies.
  • PC is a safe space for all people to explore aspects of sexual orientation and gender in an open non-assuming atmosphere.
  • Mobilized in 2002 to support LGBTQ students and allies of color.
  • Established in 2003.
  • SOL is located within the Pride Center.
  • Established in 1973.
  • WC is an open community of feminist leaders inspiring change through advocacy, support, and education toward the growth and success of all.
  • WC values: Inclusivity, Diversity, Collaboration, and Accountability

Alcoholic Beverages

To offer alcoholic beverages to your guests (beer and wine only), please visit Risk Management to get the appropriate form. The form must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the event. Be aware that alcohol cannot be served during normal business hours (8:00-5:00 M-F).  Alcohol service may not be allowed at some OSU locations.

Sound Permits

Sound permits are required for any outdoor event using amplified sound. Amplified sound is defined as sound played for anything other than personal listening. The proper permit must be obtained at least two weeks prior to your event. Learn more about Campus Grounds Use. If your event is to be held in the MU Quad, then download the sound permit for the MU Quad (PDF).