Food Drive event planning

Every effort counts, both big and small. So have fun, and know that your efforts are helping to feed hungry children and their families in our community! 

Resources for publicizing your activities:

After your event, deposit funds at the Cashier's Office located on the 1st floor of Kerr Administration building.

  • Bring two copies of the donations ledger.
  • Place the deposit and one copy of the ledger into a clear deposit bag. University Events has deposit bags available upon request, and the cashiers office may have some, as well.
  • Give the sealed deposit bag and the loose donation ledger to the Cashier's Office or put it in the drop box.

Food Drive event policies


  • Please note that all events where food is served or sold (i.e. bake sales, soup lunches, etc.) are for OSU faculty, employees and students only.
  • Food events should be held where public access is restricted. To be on the safe side, please hold food events in lunchrooms, break rooms or conference rooms, preferably with hand-washing facilities nearby.
  • Safe food preparation guidelines should always be observed in these types of events – keep hot things hot and cold things cold, etc.
  • Do not advertise or sell food to the public unless it is produced in a commercial kitchen following appropriate production guidelines.
  • Use discretion in the locations that you post informational posters about food events, especially in buildings that have restaurants, cafes or cafeterias run by outside vendors.​

Games and activities

  • Pie throwing, dunk tanks and other physical-based activities may be fun, but pose safety concerns. If you wish to investigate an option further, we suggest contacting a Risk Management representative.​
  • Only Bingo, raffles and Monte-Carlo gaming events are legal. If you wish to hold any of these fundraising activities, you are required to complete Department of Justice paperwork for OSU to keep on file. Contact Teri Braun prior to your event so that you have the form on hand.
  • Note that alcohol cannot be auctioned or raffled, per OSU policy to comply with OLCC guidelines. 
  • Guessing games such as guessing the number of candies in a jar is considered a game of skill. Games of skill, such as poker, are not allowed as fundraising activities. 

Event ideas

  • Raffle - Quilt raffle, gift basket raffle, etc. A Raffle Receipt Summary Form must be submitted to Teri Braun when a raffle is conducted. It's the law! A raffle is considered a form of lottery in which each participant buys a chance for a prize, and the winner is determined by a random drawing. Note that alcohol cannot be auctioned or raffled, per OSU policy to comply with OLCC guidelines. 
  • Bingo - Whether it's Beaver Bingo or regular bingo, it's sure to be a fun time! Prizes can be donated by your colleagues or local businesses. Notify Teri Braun with event details including number of cards sold.
  • Silent auction - Obtain auction items from your colleagues or local businesses.
  • Dining out/gift card sales - Work with a local restaurant to donate a portion of dining or gift card sales.
  • Triva
  • Bake sale - Desserts are always a hit!
  • Lunch - Soup lunch, chili feed, baked potato bar, etc.
  • Book sale
  • Plant sale
  • Rummage sale - Obtain used items in good, working condition from your colleagues.
  • Arts and crafts sale - Are any of your colleagues crafty? Jewelry, ceramics, cards, knits, and quilts are a few example of items that can be sold.
  • Tours - Bird watching, Corvallis history, campus history, plant/tree identification and more tour types can be conducted by an expert in your department.
  • Valentine's Day sales - Roses, card-making, balloon bouquets, pre-made gifts are fun options.