The importance of events at OSU:

Events on the OSU campus, whether coordinated by a department, unit, student group or the office of University Events, reflect on the entire university. Whether your event is for an interview candidate, to thank a generous donor or to show appreciation to members of your faculty and staff, as an event coordinator you have the opportunity to make a great impression!


Our mission is to help you produce a professional and successful event. The Event Planning Guide can help walk you through all aspects of your planning.  University Events offers support and guidance to the OSU community ranging from full-service event planning to answering protocol questions and offering systems for event success. We believe in providing resources, where and when possible, to fully execute every event element.


University Events is your resource for many aspects of event planning. With many years of combined event planning experience, our team can guide you to information that will help to ensure that all the little details are considered. We can also suggest on-campus resources that will save you time and money.  Our services section offers options to take the worry and stress away, and allow you to focus on the content to make your event a success.

Want to save money on your event?  We offer a large inventory of items available to borrow, at no charge to you or your event!  Identify what you need, note the item number and quantity, and then complete the form to start your reservation.  You can pick up your items from the University Events office the day before, and return them the day after your event.  You are only charged for lost or damaged items. 

A great way to tell the OSU story is to incorporate food and beverage into your menu that has a connection to OSU.  The OSU Connected Products list is always growing.  If you know of a product with a connection that is not on our list yet, please let us know!

Helpful tips and tools:

"Add to your Calendar" Hyperlink within an Invitation 
Through the use of Microsoft Publisher, Outlook and Drupal it is possible to create a hyperlink on your electronic invitation that allows invitees to automatically add the event to their personal calendar directly from the invitation.

Mail Merge in Microsoft Word
This function is a quick and easy way to create nametags for any event.

Brand Identity Guidelines
This guidelines were created by OSU University Marketing to be used for all of your communication needs.  Information is provided about a variety of topics including appropriate use of the OSU tag, templates for publications ranging from brochures to posters, as well as proper writing elements.

Elements of an Invitation
There are a lot of ways to state an invitation. This will give you the basics to ensure that all the main elements are included.

OSU Style Guide
Stemming from the Brand Identity Guidelines, the OSU Style Guide includes the OSU way for answering such questions as what to capitalize and when to hyphenate.

Model Release Form
The model release is required for all subjects, whenever you plan to use their images for promotional purposes (if you're using a photo of someone on a website or on printed material, get this form signed and keep it on file).

Conditions of Volunteer Service

Alma Mater - Video
Karaoke video with photos depicting OSU to OSU's Alma Mater, "Carry Me Back," written by W. Homer Maris

Sustainably Focused Events
Video tutorial and resources to making environmentally conscious choices throughout your event planning process

Tips for Presentations and Speakers
Best practices and tips for making your presentation the best it can be.  Learn the do's and dont's of using PowerPoint during a webcast, and the top 10 ways to be a better speaker.

Other resources on campus: