At Oregon State University faculty and staff may be asked to plan a variety of events such as meetings, lectures, workshops, conferences, dinners, receptions and celebrations. The talent, energy and vision of the individuals in your unit have the ability to create events that contribute to the development of OSU as an inclusive and collaborative community. The participation in planning events are growth enhancing opportunities for individuals to develop skills in time management, team building, leadership, resource management and community building.  University Events is pleased to offer resources for your events to be successful.  If your unit does not have the time or energy to complete the process, University Events is available to assist you.

While navigating the links and information below, you will come across elements that do not pertain to your event. Survey them all and select the ones that apply to you and your situation. Keep in mind that it is only a resource; the success of the event is dependent upon you and your organization.

Congratulations on undertaking the process of planning an event and for providing an opportunity for engagement and growth at OSU.

This guide includes information on:

If you are aware of additional information and resources that should be posted here, please send an e-mail to University Events with "Event Guide" in the subject line. Thank you!