Food has an international language of its own, an invaluable tool to meeting event goals, and is easily tied into any theme. Food can help convey culture and celebration, be a means for attracting participants or a way to provide sustenance. The food committee can choose to self-cater an event through the OSU Cultural Meal Support Program or hire an approved caterer. When determining how to move forward a food event consider these things:

  • The types of food desired, and a caterers ability to create authentic food
  • The groups ability to plan, produce and serve the meal
  • Theme and Goal of the organization and program
  • Skill level of committee members
  • Available funds
  • Available time before the event
  • Availability of raw food products

The Chair of the Food sub-committee is responsible for:

  • Convening a committee
  • Setting meeting times and agendas
  • Supporting the development of a Food plan; menu, recipes, production schedule, serving plan, clean up plan and coordinating with the efforts of the caterer
  • Communicating the Food plan to the Event Committee
  • Identifying needed human and monetary resources
  • Creating a planning, production and serving time line
  • Assigning tasks to committee members
  • Communicating with Student Involvement or OSU Catering
  • Schedule production and serving times
  • Communicating the need of volunteers to Volunteer Committee Chair
  • Overseeing the production and serving of the food
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the Food plan
  • Thanking all of the participants

The Committee is responsible for:

  • Creating a Food plan, that includes menu, recipes, production and serving plans
  • Developing grocery list or placing catering order
  • Grocery shopping
  • Production (prep, completion, packaging, transport)
  • Serving- set up, signage, training, portion control, serving
  • Serving area and kitchen clean-up


NOTE: Pepsi has "pouring rights" on OSU Campus. Any soft drinks served should be from the Pepsi family. Questions regarding Pouring Rights should be directed to Business Services 737-3102.