Develop goals for publicity with the other members of the event planning team. Consider working with University Marketing to design your look and delegate some of these responsibilities.

Who is your target audience?  Your top priority is to get the message about your event to this group.  Think about where they look for information and make sure your activity is represented there when possible.

Develop the advertising budget:

  • Printing costs
  • Paper
  • Other materials
  • Advertising
  • Design costs

Decide which media(s) you will use for publicity:

  • OSU Calendar of Events
  • Posters
  • Fliers, and how you will distribute them
  • Table tents
  • Outdoor signs such as sandwich boards
  • Advertisements on the Pedicab or in the campus shuttles
  • Coffee cup wraps at local coffee shops
  • Social media such as Facebook or Twitter
  • Inform messages (when appropriate)
  • OSU Foundation newsletter and outreach (when appropriate)
  • OSU Alumni Association (Beaver E-Clips, when appropriate)
  • Newspaper: ads
  • Newspaper: free advertising and/or coverage
  • Radio/television public service announcements
  • online community calendars
  • 'Last day/last week' attention-getters

Create an information page including:

  • Event
  • Performer(s)/Presenter(s)
  • Day/Time
  • About the Event (description)
  • About the Performer(s)/Presenter(s)
  • Cost of Event/Ticket Prices
  • Sponsors of the Event
  • Information to save your spot (RSVP information),  if tickets are sold: At the door? Where else? When?


Additional helpful information: