Publicity Priorities

Form Publicity Committee to decide on:

  • Theme
  • Graphic image
  • Target audience

Recommended 10 weeks before event:

  • Reserve:
    • Display cases
    • Bulletin boards
    • Easels
    • Counters
  • Place your event on the OSU Calendar

Recommended 5 weeks before event:

  • Develop drafts and details of:
    • Print designs
    • Posters
    • Display ads
    • Fliers
    • Send notices to news "calendars"

Recommended 4 weeks before event:

  • Order and pay for Newspaper ads
  • Begin running classified ads
  • Submit your event announcement to OSU Today
  • Order posters (OSU Printing and Mailing)
  • Send press releases to newspapers
  • Produce all materials

Recommended 3 weeks before event:

  • Pick up ordered fliers, posters etc. and begin distribution
  • Combine publicity with ticket sales

Recommended 2 weeks before event:

  • Put up displays
  • Run display ad
  • Run public service announcements
  • Run ad on Channel 26

Recommended 1 week before event:

  • Begin special promotions
  • Hand out fliers around campus
  • Call newspapers to see if they will cover event

Recommended the day before event

  • Do special promotion activity to run through event day

Day of Event!

  • Make sure that people know WHERE your event is held
  • Signs or balloons or arrows or anything that points to your event location will be helpful.

Good publicity can make the difference between a mediocre event and a SUCCESSFUL event!


Distribute Press Information Page to stakeholders and media groups as needed:

  • Bring a picture from last year's event or from something that your group has done-the more colorful, the better.
  • If appropriate, supply information to be posted on the info screens at the LaSells Stewart Center and MU
  • You can fax the press release to KBVR-TV Channel 26 (7-7957), Barometer (7-4999), and OSU News and Communication (7-2130).
  • Write a public service announcement for KBVR-FM and deliver - send to other radio stations in the community. For guidance in writing your public service announcement you can view the PSA form (Word Document) and PSA submission guidelines and samples (Word Document).

Making arrangements for printing of publicity: