If you are planning an event or activity on campus, proper planning can determine if your event will be a safe and successful venture. The below guidelines will help with this process.

  • Identify potential risks associated with the event by reviewing a list of risk factors
  • Complete your own Risk Management Plan for your event.
  • Evaluate the risks involved in your event. Consider probability of an incident occurring (frequency) and the impact of the incident (severity)
  • Chose risk mitigation techniques. These may include:
    • Implementing loss prevention and loss control measures such as having an EMT/Fire Department at the event.
    • Transferring the risk through contracts, waivers or procuring special event insurance coverage.
    • Avoiding the risk. Consider this technique if you do not have the expertise (training) to conduct the activity safely or if there are alternative ideas which are safer or a better use of resources.
    • Monitor the results of your chosen techniques.
    • Reevaluate your decisions for future events.

If you have questions regarding the University's insurance coverage or the evaluation of risks for a particular event, please contact the Office of Risk Management.