If a non-OSU organization desires to use an OSU facility, a facility use agreement must be in place prior to permitting the organization to use the facility. This includes all facilities, including those with costs or those provided at no costs. These agreements are available through the Procurement and Contracts Office (PaCS) and can only be signed by the 16 OSU individuals authorized to obligate the University to agreements. Therefore, all facility use agreements must be submitted to the Procurement and Contracts Office (PaCS) for signature.

The agreement outlines OSU's responsibilities and determines who will be responsible for paying a loss. In the absence of an agreement, OSU's risk exposures increase significantly. The University's position is to accept those risks that are due to our negligence, while requiring others to accept those risks that are theirs. For this reason, OSU requires all non-OSU organizations who use our facilities to have in effect a General Liability Insurance policy with a minimum limit of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence. An insurance company licensed to do business in the State of Oregon must issue the certificate of insurance. In some cases, OSU, its officers, board members, employees and agents shall be named as an additionally insured in this insurance policy. Occasionally, OSU may waive this requirement, but this is rare and must be approved by the Office of Risk Management and/or Procurement and Contracts Office (PaCS).