There are always risks when OSU departments, colleges, or units contract with a vendor or contractor for goods or services. However, there are more risk exposures when we do not have a contract in place when procuring goods and services.

Using non-OSU vendors or contractors for any type of activity at your event should include a contracting process. The contract terms determine who will be responsible for paying a loss. If we have favorable contract terms the risk to OSU is reduced. In the absence of a contract, OSU's risk exposures increase significantly. The University's position is to accept those risks that are ours while requiring others to accept those risks that are theirs. For this reason, OSU requires all non-OSU vendors or contractors to have in effect a General Liability Insurance policy with a minimum limit of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence. An insurance company licensed to do business in the State of Oregon must issue the certificate of insurance. In some cases, OSU, its officers, board members, employees and agents shall be named as an additionally insured in this insurance policy. Occasionally, OSU may waive this requirement, but this is rare and must be approved by the Office of Risk Management and/or Procurement and Contracts Office (PaCS).

There are only 16 OSU individuals authorized to obligate the University to contractual guidelines; therefore, all contracts and procurements for goods and services must meet the Procurement and Contracts Office (PaCS) guidelines.