Divestment Considerations at Oregon State University

As Oregon’s land grant university, OSU leaders, faculty, staff, students and stakeholders recognize the importance of considering and addressing major issues facing our world’s future. Climate change is one such issue. Oregon State conducts cutting-edge research, teaching and outreach on the subject of climate change, its effects and possible solutions. Over the past few years, a number of stakeholders have urged Oregon State University and the independent OSU Foundation to divest any university assets and Foundation endowment funds from direct holdings in fossil fuel companies, whose activities may impact the environment and have an effect on climate change. More information.

Distribution of Publications or Other Materials in Campus Buildings

Anyone seeking to distribute non-OSU sponsored papers or material inside Oregon State University buildings should contact the Office of the Vice President University Relations and Marketing by calling 541-737-4875.

Many spaces inside of OSU’s buildings are not public meeting, gathering or speech areas, and non-OSU sponsored materials or publications are not permitted in those non-public areas that are inside OSU’s buildings.  Many buildings, however, have at least one area designated for the distribution of non-OSU sponsored speech or materials. 

The purpose of this policy is to balance the free speech rights of non-OSU individuals with the significant interests OSU has in preserving its limited space for OSU needs.  The University’s limited non-public, indoor space is primarily dedicated to the needs of the University, such as classroom notices, department events, sponsored student organization notices, and the distribution of OSU-sponsored media in educational activities like those provided by OSU’s department of student media.