Distribution of Publications or Other Materials in Campus Buildings

Anyone seeking to distribute non-OSU sponsored papers or material inside Oregon State University buildings should contact the Office of the Vice President University Relations and Marketing by calling 541-737-4875.

Many spaces inside of OSU’s buildings are not public meeting, gathering or speech areas, and non-OSU sponsored materials or publications are not permitted in those non-public areas that are inside OSU’s buildings.  Many buildings, however, have at least one area designated for the distribution of non-OSU sponsored speech or materials. 

The purpose of this policy is to balance the free speech rights of non-OSU individuals with the significant interests OSU has in preserving its limited space for OSU needs.  The University’s limited non-public, indoor space is primarily dedicated to the needs of the University, such as classroom notices, department events, sponsored student organization notices, and the distribution of OSU-sponsored media in educational activities like those provided by OSU’s department of student media.