We're bringing the Scientist's Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice and World Scientists Warning of a Climate Emergency to the big screen. It's a story about the landmark research that affects our entire planet and the thousands of scientists around the world who are urging us to heed the data before it's too late.

The Scientist's Warning is a documentary about a researcher who built a movement with one click of the mouse. It’s the story of scientists all over the world awakening to the need to become advocates for the fate of the planet and the humans who depend on it.

In November of 2017, ecologist Bill Ripple published The Scientists' Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice. Nearly twenty thousand scientists around the world endorsed the paper. Now the award-winning production team behind the film Saving Atlantis will bring this story to the big screen.

As Bill Ripple continues to spread the word one event, one audience at a time we follow him and delve into his research and the path that inspired him to become an advocate. We visit with scientists, signatories of the paper, in Bangladesh and Australia, where sea-level rise and wildfires coax experts from the field onto the political stage. What drives them? A need for the hard facts to tackle the climate emergency.

This documentary is made possible by private donations and by Oregon State University. Stay-tuned for its wide release on October 18, 2022.