In the spirit of Oregon State University's outreach mission, the Oregon State Production team looks for opportunities to collaborate with communities around the world, developing youth-centered storytelling workshops that explore careers and the ability to use visual media to empower regional voices. We're especially interested in working with communities on the front lines of climate change resilience. 

For the past four years we've been working with the ATSIMS (Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders in Marine Sciences) Program on Orpheus Island, Queensland, Australia. We will also be participating in the 2019 Tribal Climate Camp in Polston, Montana.

So often as documentary filmmakers we find ourselves in conversations with subjects in scientific disciplines, community members and subjects from a range of backgrounds from all parts of the world. By sharing what we know with youth groups in regions dealing with anthropogenic changes, we hope to stimulate dialog, empower voices within affected areas and inspire young people to consider college, especially in storytelling and media fields.