Whether you're a daily news outlet, a documentary or feature film company, or a commercial producer looking for a classic college campus to shoot your latest project, we'd be happy to collaborate. Start with our office for information and guidelines on recording at OSU.

NOTICE: Due to COVID-19, many non-essential activities are limited. We won't be issuing permits for campus filming for most commercial or entertainment purposes. Broadcasters and reporters covering breaking news should reach out to our news team

Daily news outlets

If you're a local or national television, online or radio daily news outlet, you can contact our office for information on logistics, parking and tips and guidance for shooting on campus. We know that the news cycle requires quick responses and last-second production planning. We're here to help. You're required to carry standard insurance and follow campus rules.

Production companies

If you are producing television, online or radio documentary or entertainment content about OSU or featuring OSU people, you should notify our office two weeks in advance of your shoot. 

Producers will also be required to complete a Site Usage and License Agreement prior to the shoot, to be completed jointly prior to recording on OSU properties.

All production companies are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) prior to filming on campus. The COI should contain specific language made out to the Office of Risk Management. Organizations using volunteers to film must complete a Conditions of Volunteer Service form.

Our office will provide guidance to news and network producers recording on campus, information on parking options and any other logistical support, if needed.

Producers can also hire our team to crew crew their shoot, including underwater or aerial videography.

Video production vendors and commercial producers

Departments, including the OSU Foundation, Athletics, Colleges, Units and Alumni Association hiring or partnering with external video and media production companies and private businesses need to manage all insurance requirements through the office of Risk Management and site use agreements through the PACs team (contract.services@oregonstate.edu) on their own.

Oregon State Productions does not manage relationships or requirements with video production vendors who are not producing content for broadcast or entertainment outlets, but are instead contracting directly with departments and units or using space for other location purposeses. All such productions should adhere to the wishes and policies of local facility and building managers. It is up to those individual contracting departments to manage those relationships and meet all OSU requirements in regard to safety, insurance, risk and usage agreements.

Feature film, television and commercial locations

Companies producing films, commercials or entertainment that is not about OSU or OSU people can secure a filming permit to shoot their production on campus. With a number of historic buildings and one of the most scenic campuses in the country, Oregon State provides a unique and classic college location experience. And with three months of amazing weather every summer, Corvallis is a fantastic filming location.

Contact our office with questions or to request a quote for a shooting permit. 

Using our footage

We provide a wealth of video content, available for use by news, media, broadcast, cable and entertainment outlets. TV and daily news outlets are cleared to use materials immedidate at no charge when producing content about Oregon State University. Film, cable, entertainment producers can also license footage for repurposing in their content free of charge, with credit to OSU and by filling out this Materials Release Agreement.

Commercial producers can also inquire about obtaining and using content produced by Oregon State University, and usage, licensing and fees will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Hiring our team

We can also shoot custom footage as needed, including aerial and underwater footage, at our standard external rate of $90/hour per staff member, plus a $40/hour fee for specialized videography. Clients/partners will be able to use the footage via the same parameters in the three categories above. Oregon state will also retain rights to use the footage.