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We look forward to collaboration. Due to the volume of requests and current staffing levels, we are unable to field all projects, so we'll do our best to provide other options if we can't work your project into our schedule.

We'll evaluate and prioritize all projects based on our schedule and producer availability, and alignment with the university's land-, sun-, sea- and space-grant missions and strategic priorities. 

Please describe the project you have in mind and tell us why video is the right mode of communication.
What is the story and what key messages do you want communicate to your audience?
Who is your main audience, and what motivates them?
Describe the style, look and feel you have in mind for the video; feel free to include links to examples.
How might this project help advance OSU's goals for equitable and inclusive outreach?
What components do you have or do you envision being part of the finished project
Share your distribution plan for the project; what assets, channels, events or resources do you have in order to share distribution?
What date does your finished project need to be completed?
What is the name and email of the project reviewer
Who is the key contact for the project?
What is your budget range? Where is the funding coming from (donor, grant, university funds, etc).
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